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At - Sydney Mechanics' School of Arts, 280 Pitt Street

April Main Meeting

There was no meeting in April as ANZAC Day fell on our meeting night. Our next meeting will be the 24th May.

March 2017 Main Meeting Report

Tonight, we finalised some items left from our AGM of last month and we now have a new name,

Sydney PC and Technology User Group.

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Ray AllumVale Ray Allum

It is with great sadness that we report the death of our member, Ray Allum, joining the club in 2002 and also serving on the club's committee. He will be sadly missed.


Welcome to the February 2017 Main Meeting

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In Our January 2017 Meeting

Tonight we had two guests

Trend Micro LogoBoost Mobile Logo



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Our 2016 Main Meetings

In our November meeting

Microsoft logo

What a cracker. Our end of year guest was Microsoft. We started the year with Jaron Cohen, Microsoft’s Commercial Windows 10 Expert dropping by, and we ended the year with

 Paul O’Malley and Matt Ranocchiari from the Microsoft store

Paul from Microsoft  Matt from microsoft



Paul is a Service Advisor, he attempts to fix things that don’t work. Matt is the guy you go to, to buy new things.

 The store is in Pitt St Mall. Microsoft Store Pitt St Sydney

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In our October meeting

Tonight, Jabra and ASUS dropping by to talk to us.

Jabra Logo      ASUS Logo    »


In our September meeting

Alex and Jebra headsetApple LogoTonight we had hoped to hear from Jabra but unfortunately they were unable to make it tonight. However, during our Q & A session Alex did give us a brief demo of the new Jabra wireless head set. Jabra Web Site.
After the break he introduced us to the wealth of information available on the Apple YouTube Channel including the new Apple OS X . » read more...


In our August meeting

we had a double header,

Huawei Logo Vaya Logo Huawei the third largest Mobile manufacturer, and
Vaya, Australia’s mobile phone price fighter. »


Vale Frank Bowmen

Fran BowmenFrank Bowman the leader of our Penrith SIG passed way suddenly.

A great teacher and always available for great tips and advice we will miss him greatly.  Continue




In our July main meeting

Shaniel Datt Trend Micro Logo

Trend Micro, paid us a visit to discuss their protection software.Shaniel Datt,Trend Micro’s Product and Training Manager
gave us the details of Trend Micro. »


In our June main meeting

Alex took the stage with an eclectic bag of topics to discuss, Norton Wi-Fi Privacy logoincluding Norton Wi-Fi Privacy, The Roam-e drone, Cheap Mobile phone deals, OS 10, Macrium Reflect and Never 10.

Alex had just come from the Norton launch and started the evening with a video on what Norton Wi-Fi Privacy was all about. » read more...



GoCatch and Vividwireless were at our May Main Meeting

gocatch logo vividwireless logo

Ned Moorefield, co-founder and CEO of GoCatch, an Australian ride share company to rival Uber and Claude Brown from Vividwireless a very unique ISP.» read more...

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Intel came to the April Main Meeting

Graham Tucker
Intel Logo Graham Tucker, Technical Manager, Intel Australia and New Zealand was on stage to discuss Intel’s chip technology and its future directions.
» read more....

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Samsung, VR, iPad Pro and ULED TVs at the March Main Meeting

Tonight Alex was back and gave us a great rundown on some of the newest innovations in electronics.

Alex S7VR Goggles


read more....

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Microsoft showcases Windows 10 at February Main Meeting

Jaron Cohen
Microsoft logo Jaron Cohen,Microsofts Commercial Windows 10 Expert was on stage and started the conversation by describing the concepts behind Windows 10, what Microsoft is trying to achieve and how Windows 10 is situated in the market.
» read more....

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Norton Security Premium presented at our November Main Meeting

Mark Shaw, Security Expert at Symantec gave us an overview of the evolving worldwide security threat landscape.
Mark then highlighted the key features and benefits plus the 100% promise of their latest security solution – Norton Security Premium.  » read more...

Following Symantic's presentation, members were invited to begin the festive season by socialising and enjoying some drinks & nibblies with good friends. This was our final Main Meeting for 2015.

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