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The February 2018 Main Meeting and AGM

Tonight, Alex demonstrated the new speakers that Google and Apple have brought to the market.  Apple Logo Google Logo

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January 2018 Main Meeting

Our first meeting for the year started with a Report from our President Alex who attended the Consumer Electronics Show, earlier this month in Los Vegas. You can find all his interviews at his YouTube channel “Alex on tech”

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Jazooble logo Fuji Xerox logo

We then welcomed two presenters - Jazoodle Account forecasting software and the new Fuji Scanners.
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The Sydney PC and Technology User Group

Christmas Candelwould like to wish you a happy Christmas and a happy holiday season.Christmas Candel

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November Main Meeting

Tonight our good friends from Norton, Norton Logo  came to discuss the major cyber threats of 2017 and some of the solutions Symantec uses to solve those threats.   
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Microsoft returned to our October Main Meeting

Microsoft logo

Microsoft returned this month to continue showcaseing the latest in Windows 10 and Office plus the newest Surface tablets and laptops. Paul answered even more of our members' questions not previously covered.
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