Our Committee

Alex Zaharov-Reutt
(Life Member)

Ronald Ferguson

Josephine Wiseman
Treasurer & Secretary

Stephen South
(Life Member)
Committee Member

Anthony Robinson
Committee Member

John Rose
Committee Member

Our Volunteers

Robert Israel
Main Meeting Presenter

Robert Backstrom
Newsletter Editor

Stephen South

Our dedicated volunteers

Like all not for profit clubs we rely heavily on the important contributions of our dedicated and hard working committee and volunteers. As many of these people work behind the scenes, some may not be known to all of our members. However, they are the people who freely offer their time and skills to enable our club to continue providing the services and enjoyment for all members.

Also very important are those members who work to keep the various SIGs running smoothly. We must thank the dedicated SIG Leaders without whom there would be no meetings, also those who organise, assemble, update and maintain our equipment and others who offer their help whenever needed. A big "THANK YOU" to all.