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January 2018 Main Meeting

Jazooble logo Fuji Xerox logo

We then began the year with two presenters Jazoodle Account forecasting software and the new Fuji Scanners.

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The Sydney PC and Technology User Group

Christmas Candelwould like to wish you a happy Christmas and a happy holiday season.Christmas Candel

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November Main Meeting

Tonight our good friends from Norton,

Norton Logo

 came to discuss the major cyber threats of 2017 and some of the solutions Symantec uses to solve those threats.   » read more...

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In September and October

the Microsoft Store returned for this great update.

October 2017 Main Meeting

Microsoft logo

Tonight, the guys from the Microsoft store returned for the second of their visits. This time we had a good look at Microsoft Edge and the fabulous Mixed Reality

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September Main Meeting

Paul O'Malley

Paul O'Malley, Service Advisor from the Microsoft Store, was onboard to talk about the new Falls Creators edition.

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August Main Meeting

Tonight, we had two guests. Armourcard and Malwarebytes.

Armourcard logo        Malwarebytes logo



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July Main Meeting

NBN Co logo

This month the NBNco was on hand and

Michael Tyler

Michael Tyler, the NBNco Community Affairs Manager was on stage to give us the latest on the roll out.

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