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Legacy Family Tree Deluxe 7 Rated #1 Genealogy Software

Legacy Family Tree Delux 7Top Ten ReviewsLegacy is the most advanced genealogy program with endless customizable features, earning "TopTenREVIEWS' Gold Award." You choose the options to reach the level of detail and accuracy you want. Be assured that Legacy will grow right along with your genealogical skills. Good research is essential to success and Legacy's exclusive Research Guidance feature increases the odds of discovering new members of your family. Ready to share? With a new charting program, genealogists can easily create an array of wall charts heirlooms for generations to come.

Legacy Family Tree 7.0 includes tools to produce wall charts to display your family tree in a variety of formats, including DNA charts. You can also incorporate Microsoft's Virtual Earth to automatically pinpoint important locations and map your ancestor's migration.

Comparing Genealogy Programs

One of the first steps in creating your family tree is to choose a suitable program for recording and displaying all the relevant genealogy data you will surely gather. Click here to see the current top ten genealogy programs reviewed.

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