Monthly Main Meeting Highlights

June Main Meeting 2010

Tonight was all about power, portable and rechargeable power. Power Traveller and Power Mat will mean you need never run out of power again.

The guys from Simms International PTY LTD.

powered up the night, showing the innovative Power Traveller range of portable batteries and chargers and the Power mat cordless battery charger.

After the usuall Q & A session, The Guys started with the Power Traveller range,

which provide both recharging and battery backup systems for all your powered accessories. There are basically two groups, the power monkeys for small devices, and the power gorillas for larger items such as laptops. They both come with solar power options.
The Monkeys are basic portable power providers starting with the MotoMonkey in car charger for your iPod –iPhone or any other mobile device.

Then there is a step up to the PowerChimp, a backup power source for your mobile phone, iPod etc.

or you can have the powermonkey classic in a range of colours.

Next, they spoke about the Gorilla range.
These are designed to deliver real grunt for power hungry devises like laptops.
The mini gorilla,

“Featuring a range of voltage settings (8.4v, 9.5v, 10.5v, 12v & 19v), the minigorilla has a 5v USB output, meaning you can also recharge your mobile, iPod, iPhone, PDA, PSP and more. Incorporating the latest HDLP (High Density Lithium Polymer) battery technology, the minigorilla will have maximum power efficiency to size and weight.”

and the powergorilla

mini gorilla

with up to 24 volts power.

The real versatility of the traveller range can be seen in the Explorer options which add a solar panel to allow you to really get away from the power point.

The solarmonkey explorer and


The solargorilla. This device has a 20 volt power out and a 5 volt USB and can charge or run just about any laptop as well as devices such as iPod and phones.

To finish off, Claire showed us the smallest car battery charge, the Startmonkey.

Details can be checked out at Power traveller.

After the break Damien presented the Powermat.

This was a really inductive presentation. The Powemat uses magnetic induction to charge your batteries. This means using the Powermat is as simple as placing a device on the mat.

Depending on what you need to charge, the Powermat comes in three starter pack configurations.

The Home and Office mat comes with one power cube that allows you to charge virtually any device you currently use with a battery charger.

For those with an iPhone or Blackberry, the kit comes with a “clip on” induction receiver

The iPod users have not been forgotten

You simply slip the iPod into the receiver, and drop the receiver on to the mat.

Have the kids got a Nintendo DS? There’s a receiver for that as well.

The powermat has three charge zones; that’s your phone, your partners phone and the kids DS all charged up and ready for the car trip to the grandparents, or the weekend away.

No problem with over-charging either. When fully charged the light underneath the device goes out and the power mat stops charging. You don’t need to remove the device. If you did leave it on the mat for a week the Power mat would detect any drop in charge and turn on to top up.

Cost is not too dear either, the kit with a powermat and one receiver is $199 and extra receivers are $49.95 each. I first saw one at JB Hi-Fi about two months ago and they are still available there. JB Hi-Fi Penrith had them on special for $179.

Check out the details at,

By the way Power traveller and Power mat are not the only hardware Simms International sell. Check out the range.

It includes,
Apple Mac computers and laptops,
Software such as VM Fusion to run both Mac and Windows software on the one computer,
iPods and external storage devices, all of which are available direct to the consumer
Check out
for details and prices.

The Raffle

The guys kindly arranged for Simms to donate
three Power Traveller Explorers


And two Power mats.

The winners of the Power Traveller were


Elizabeth and


John with
Terry and Maurice taking home a Power mat. Terry and Maurice were a bit shy.

Our lucky door prize of a $20 gift voucher was won by





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