Monthly Main Meeting Highlights

Welcome to our June 2012 Main Meeting.

Tonight, Debbie Firth from Mr Mobile in Alexandria gave us a look at the latest gadgets for your mobile phones.

Mr mobile

We had a Special General Meeting tonight and are now a tax exempt organization. This was followed by a lively Q and A session. Alex and Robert both had news of interesting new hardware. Robert spoke about the Celluon projection keyboard and the MIT invention of a needleless injection device.

The Celluon Keyboard


I found an Australian supplier at a cost of around $177 but I suggest you shop around.

The Star Trex style needleless injection device.

MIT Needleles Injection

Here is the article.

Then Alex introduced the new Surface laptop launched by Microsoft.

Surface Laptop

Here are the details from Microsoft

It is Microsoft’s answer to the iPad. Release is expected around the same time as Windows 8. Following their experience with Xbox, Microsoft has built this as their “own brand” laptop. It will come in two forms. One will run the Arm processor and the other the Intel core chip. Both will have the same 10 inch screen. Release is expected around August.

Here is the PC Authority article

By the way, don’t confuse this with Microsoft Pixelsense, the table top computer which is effectively a Samsung TV set up as a touch screen using Microsoft’s Surface 2 software. It was also called Surface after the software it ran.

Samsung Sur40

After the break Debbie Firth from Mr Mobile in Alexandria gave us a look at the latest gadgets for your mobile phones.

Mr Mobile

She started with the iDTV, a portable TV antenna for free to air standard digital TV and FM radio.


Unfortunately it only works on iPad2, new iPad, and the iPhone4.


Debbie then showed us the Senna helmet intercom communication devices


These Bluetooth radio devices eliminate wires and are ideal for riders such as couriers who have to regularly leave the bike.

Senna Dual Pack head set


Next up was the Energizer range of battery charges. Debbie informed the meeting that a Korean company invented the technology and makes these devices. After rigorous investigation, Energizer entered into a partnership with the manufacture and Energizer now distributes them world wide.


There are a range of these chargers from simple power and solar phone chargers to elaborate tablet, laptop and camera charges.

Energizer web page


All the Energizer chargers come with two free tips per year for life if you register the product.

Energizer even make a silicon skin for the iPhone4 which carries a battery built into the case.

Energizer iPhone Skin

Mr Mobile also has a Powerskin case available.


Debbie owns a Mercedes and it has a Nokia Bluetooth receiver built into the steering column. It broke and there appeared to be no replacement. In Debbie’s words “there has to be a solution”.

There was, in the form of the Viseeco Bluetooth car kits

Mercedes web page

Now any Mercedes owner can go to Mr Mobile and find a complete Bluetooth replacement kit.

The final items Debbie spoke about were the iPhone covers and their range of stereo headphones.


Head phones

Lifeproof covers

Lifeproof covers

The raffle

Mr Mobile donated a iDTV for to nights raffle.



  And the winner,

Bill Parry

Bill Parry

The door prize went to

Elizabeth Allum

Elizabeth Allum


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