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Welcome to March 2011 Main Meeting


We held our AGM tonight, See John Lucke’s report below.

Alex demonstrated his new MacBook and Intel was along to tell us about the new generation of Core I processors.

Yes that’s correct, Alex has purchased a Mac.

Apple Macs have run on the Intel chip since 2006. In his demonstration Alex showed just how he gets the best of both worlds. Apple adopted the Intel chip as the company wanted the best computer power available.
When Apple first launched their range of Apple Macs with Intel chipsets, they had Boot Camp. This allowed users to load Windows as an alternative OS. It was cumbersome and only one OS could be run at any one time, not both.
Later came, Vmware, which allowed some use of Windows software within the Mac OS.
Tonight Alex introduced the group to Parallels. This software allows users to run Windows and Mac OS together, seamlessly. Not just Windows 7 but any Windows OS such as XP ‘, 98, and even Linux Systems.

Parallels allows an unprecedented degree of control over both Systems.
Using Parallels, Windows can be run in virtual mode within the Mac System or as stand alone. Both Mac and Windows command and control keys are available. That favourite PC Game can be run in full windows mode or the Windows desktop controls can be available while running Mac software.

Find out more about Parrallels

During the break for coffee and some fabulous Intel Cupcake,

the door prize was drawn with Bill Parry

taking home the gift voucher.

Then Glen Boatwright,

the Retail Marketing Manager from Intel took to the stage to talk about Intel’s second generation quad core processors.

The Intel Corporation has five divisions

and manufactures computer processing chips for use in every thing from desktops to Video players. The range of processors starts small - with the Atom. The Atom is designed for use in computers with smaller demands on the computing power such as netbooks. The Atom can also be found in such devices as car computers and televisions.
At the other end, the Xeon is designed for high end servers and workstations.
For desktops and laptops, Intel still have the basic Pentium and Celeron, while for real performance they have the Intel multi core processors, the i3, i5 and i7

Intel's Processor Index

Glen started the night with a rundown on chip manufacture. There are ten fabrication plants around the world and four assembly plants.

Intel makes silicon ingots from sand. The ingots are sliced into wafers and the processor circuit is then laser-printed onto it.

The Intel core chip is in its second generation and has seen some impressive upgrades.

Compare the various processors.

The Core i chip uses hyperthreading to speed the computing power by allowing more than one task to be processed at the one time.

With a quad core, that is four processors in the chip, performance can be boosted up to eight times the speed of a single processor.

Whether running one two three or all four processors the Intel chip will run each processor at full capacity. In so doing the chip will actually conserve power by entering an idle state as quickly as possible. It’s called HUGI (hurry up and get idle).

In addition to this new quad core technology, Intel has added an onboard graphic processor.

Glen’s comment was that unless there was a need to run extreme high end graphics this built-in graphics processor was all you would ever need.
Built into the graphics is Intel’s “In-tru” 3D viewer for Blue-ray players.

Along with the internal graphics comes the introduction of “Quick sync”.
This generation of Intel chips comes with the ability to edit and synchronise your video source with your storage and internet needs.
Quick Sync is a hardware accelerator built into the processor that delivers fast conversion from one video format to another.

Intel claims it is up to thirteen times faster than standard video conversion.

Find out more:

Along side of this high speed video comes wireless TV connection for your Intel powered laptop.

Using Intel’s new wireless adaptor, the laptop display is available on any connected TV screen. The need to find leads and video cables to view PC content on a TV screen has become a thing of the past.

For some time now most mobile phones have had advanced security settings that lock a phone if stolen. With the new Intel Anti-theft technology incorporated into the second generation of Core processors laptops can have similar protection.

This technology allows a laptop to be disabled at a hardware level, “(it) works like a poison pill that disables the computer and access to its data even if the operating system (OS) is re-imaged”.

Read More:

The Raffle

Tonight Intel brought in some travel head rests and storage bags and Alex arranged to have a copy of Norton’s 360 Internet Security Version 5, along with a BoB modem from iiNet , a battery charger and other goodies.

The Winners:


Malcolm Robertson and Elizabeth Allum will have a good rest on the train tonight.

Dennis won the USB stick,

Bill Parry had a good night taking home the BoB modem and an Intel Storage bag.

Roger Foulds won’t be lost for power and

Warren will be taking notes in the Motorola pad.

The Norton 360 was won by Steve South (not pictured) who’s subscription to Norton’s had expired that Monday.

2010-11 AGM Report

Committee Elect:
Dennis Campanella
Roger Foulds
John Lucke
John Mathews
John Symonds
Our recent AGM was well attended with the Committee and Financial Reports being unanimously accepted. President Warren Wyllie, in presenting his report, highlighting the achievements of another successful year. He paid special tribute to the excellent work done by committee members, SIG leaders and the many volunteers throughout the year. Warren also announced that he and Bryan McDonald had declined nomination for the new committee.

Following the election of members to the new committee, John Symonds proposed a vote of thanks to Warren and Bryan for their very valuable contribution to our club. With each having served over twelve years in various executive roles, all agreed they deserved a well earned rest.



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