Monthly Main Meeting Highlights

Welcome to our March 2012 Main Meeting.

Tonight was our AGM.

John Symonds was not able to continue on the committee and John Lee was elected in his place.

The other item was the induction of Warren Wyllie as a Life member in recognition of his significant contributions to the Sydney PC User Group.
After a great Q and A session Alex introduced Richard Veale the

National Training Manager for HTC.

Richard started with a brief run-down on the company history.

HTC started in 1997 and brought out their first handheld wireless touch device in 1998.

By 2000 HTC was using touch screens on their phones and by 2005 the world’s first 3g phone.

Then, in 2006, they introduced GPS and with Google in 2008 introduced the first Android smart phone.

In 2009 came HTC Sense, and in 2010 the world’s first 4g phone.

Tonight Richard introduced us to the HTC Velocity, Australia’s first 4g phone - available only on the Telstra network.

The 4g network currently only works around the CBD of the capital cities and defaults to 3g outside the city. The phone specs are impressive.

It has a 1.5 GHz dual core processor and 1 Gb of RAM. Most impressive, given the Dell net book I am writing this on only has 1.6 GHz and 1 Gb RAM.
The screen is a 4.5 inch super LCD with a 16.9 wide screen format, this allows for great high definition viewing. This is rounded off, with a surround sound system.

Here are the details

and the


Next up Richard spoke about the HTC Sensation, one of which was on offer as a raffle prize.
HTC Sensation is not just a mobile phone, but with the HTC way of looking after the customer it comes with HTC sense is available on all HTC phones.
Richard described some of the features of sense, such as polite ring.

An HTC phone can sense if it is in a dark place, e.g. your hand bag or case, so it rings on maximum volume. When you hear it ring and take it out of the bag it decreases the ring sound. If you can’t answer it, you simply flip the phone face down and it stops.

Wireless printing. Now this is a great feature. With smart phones now much more than just a telephone, the ability to print a document such as a ticket or a reservation notice would be great. HTC allows you to connect to any wireless printer and print the document. Richard gave an example from his own experience where his flight reservations and boarding pass had been downloaded to his phone as an attachment. He arranged for the Hotel to print out the boarding pass.
The Sensation has an 8mp camera with a f2.2 lens and a dual LED flash and

this is coupled with a 1080p resolution high definition video.

Here are the details

and the


We had a brief look at the other major prize, the Evo 3 D. This phone is unique as it has a high definition 3 dimensional camera and you don’t need those silly glasses to see the result.

Here are the details

and the


To round out the evening we got a pre-release first view of the HTC One, due for release in the first week of April.

The HTC one comes in three models, and I found the latest Vodafone brochure offering a $59 plan when it arrives in store.

Details here

The Raffle

Richard brought along three fabulous HTC phones for our raffle.

The Salsa




The Sensation

And the Evo 3D

The winners were

Warren who took home the Salsa

Robert who took the Sensation home,

No, Richard didn’t win, he is holding the lucky winners ticket. The Evo 3 D went to Terry, who had to leave early that night.

The door prize went to




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