Monthly Main Meeting Highlights

April Main Meeting 2010

Tonight, Rene Sugo the Technical Director of My Net Fone dropped in to tell us about VoIP or telephones over the Internet.
In 1876 Mr Alexander Graham Bell invented a devise to allow two people to speak to each other by a connecting electric wire. He called it a Telephone, today we would call it a point to point device.

New York 1877, one year on and there are thousands and thousands of telephone lines, all point to point, the solution was the switch board.

With the invention of the transistor and the development of digital technology, banks and banks of electronic switches eventually replaced this young lady

Then came the Internet. Today, there is more data carried by telephone cable than voice communications.

With the invention of the digital voice signal, it became possible to send voice over the Internet and My Net Fone was one of the first companies in Australia to start a VoIP service.
Founded in 2005 My Net Fone, with the role out of their naked ADSL service is now poised to become the fifth largest Telco in Australia.
When My Net Fone first came to us you still needed a telephone service so you could receive an Internet signal. Today My Net Fone and other Internet providers sell “naked ADSL”. With naked ADSL you rent an ADSL service straight from the Internet provider. This removes the need to pay for a telephone line. Suddenly, VoIP becomes a real alternative to a phone.
My Net Fone offers a range of services from a pay as you go to a full naked ADSL service with great features such as call back, call forward, call waiting and free My Net Fone to My Net Fone calls.
Call costs are as low as 10 cent per call, untimed, and plans from as little as $19.95 with $20 of calls included, pay as you go. I note that calls on this plan are 12.5 cents untimed

Rene made the point when discussing the advantages of a net phone connection that a ten minute phone call only use one megabit of data
You can check the cost savings on the My Net Fone calculator
just pop in the details of the charges from your last phone bill.
To get started My Net Fone has a starter kit with a Mitron VoIP Adapter. You ” plug this device into your regular phone handset” and this turns your existing phone into an Internet phone.
There is one serious caveat to any Internet phone service IT WILL NOT HAVE AN EMERGENCY PHONE CONNECTION. If your ISP is down or your power is out so is your phone. This also true of your standard cordless phones.
My Net Fone also has Business plans.
You can check out all the details here

The Raffle

Rene donated ten USB phones and the main prize of a Siemens A580 DECT VoIP phone and a year’s phone service.

The First Prize when to Dennis Campanella

and the ten USB phones

were won by

Phillip Soller

Malcolm Robertson

John Symonds

John Burton

Elizabeth Allum

Ray Allum

David Adamson

Warren Wyllie

Joan Robertson                 and Steve South (not pictured)



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