Monthly Main Meeting Highlights

Welcome to our April 2012 Main Meeting.

Tonight Alex gave us a round- up on Windows 8 and a good look at Apple TV.

Before the break we had our usual Q & A and Robert gave a critique on the HTC Sensation he won last Month.

Alex is renowned for his gadgets and tonight he brought along his own magic wand.

The Kymera Magic Wand, from the Wand Company is a programmable remote control for your TV Video and Audio equipment.

Details here.

We then had a look at some new iPhone applications. We started with EVI the voice application alternative to SIRI, Apple’s own voice recognition software.

Unlike SIRI you can also type questions to EVI

Here are some details

Another new app was Perfect OCR

which uses the tablet’s camera to scan an image and create either a PDF or OCR, the document for word processing.
Perfect OCR details

After the break Alex set up Apple TV and we had a looked at Windows 8.

The Apple TV is a similar device to the WD TV Live we had a demonstrated in October 2011.
See report.

The opening interface was very similar to other media devices,

with a tiled menu for set up and links to all the main options

Apple TV link

Alex also introduced us to Splash Top, a remote desktop viewer which brings the desktop to your tablet or laptop.

Using Splash Top Alex was able to control the image on his nearby laptop, via his iPad. The laptop was sitting beside the microphone desk and projecting to the main screen.

Splash Top is configurable with a range of screen resolutions to suit your needs.

Find out more here.

With Splash Top in hand, Alex discussed the consumer release of Windows 8. As we have seen from prior demonstrations of Windows 8 it is very much a touch-centred program with all your applications or programs available from the main screen. Alex stated that Microsoft was not abandoning the keyboard and mouse, but integrating them into the new world of touch screens and small applications.

Windows 8's new Metro styling can be over-ridden and a typical Windows screen is available behind the Metro front end.

It’s available simply by hovering over the same place the green start button is now.
Along with the standard Windows screen, by holding the mouse over the right hand side of the Metro screen we get a series of charms, which are mouse click able. This eliminates the need for touch in those old desktops that don’t have touch screens. These charms control the administration features of the Windows system.

Such as the your PC and account settings.

The old style menu options are still be available.


Windows 8 is slated for release about October this year.
You can download the Consumer edition here.



The Raffle


Tonight Alex brought along the latest Netcom power line adaptor.


This is a great idea for a simple home networking system. It comes with two adaptors, which pug into the power circuit. One is linked to your router or modem and the other to a computer in any part of the house which is on the same circuit. This gives you a complete network without wires.
Here is a link for more details

Alex’s review

Tonight’s lucky winner is


Frank Talas

With the lucky door prize going to

Bob Backstrom.




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