Monthly Main Meeting Highlights

Welcome to our April 2015 Main Meeting.

Tonight Alex introduced us to the new MacBook. We have all seen the MacBook Air demonstrated at the main meeting. I would dub this the ”Thinner than Air” but it’s not a replacement for the MacBook Air, it’s Apples latest MacBook.Alex

We started with a video from Apple's site explaining the engineering that went into building it.

internal view of the trackpadThe touch pad which has been re-engineered with a force touch which delivers a “responsive, uniform click no matter where you press the surface”.

The battery has been re worked. Rather than a conventional “clip in” battery it has been engineered as a ”terraced, contoured battery design to fit the internal space”. Internal view of the battery

Notice the smaller size motherboard. The design makes it about two thirds smaller and eliminates the need for bulky vents or fans.








It has a retina display in a twelve inch screen, but only has one port which is used for everything, “recharging, video output and data transfer”. Alex showed how you can connect a USB port to the connection and then add both the power and other devices to the machine together.

Alex showing the new cables needed
Although there has been much criticism of the lack of connections, Alex believes it is the way of the future with most connections going wireless.

It uses the new Intel core M chip which bridges the gap between the Atom and the core i5 series.

Alex commented on the basic use of this machine by saying that if you were a power user it may not suit your needs. Its main market would be as a solid performer for light portable computing. It will run Office and he recommended using Safari, the Mac browser, as you would get upwards of three more hours of battery life, even watching movies on download servers like Netflix.

Next up had a look at the new Samsung 7. Probably the world’s thinnest physical hard drive. This is not a SSD.

Samsung 7 hard drive

The drive has been slimmed down to 7 mm. It has 500gb storage and comes with a braided USB 3 cable connection. Alex holding the Samsung drive








Here is a video about the drive.

We then had a look at the new deals from Amaysim and Boost.

Amaysim logo

Amaysim is now offering 4G coverage and increased their data allowances. They now have three unlimited packages. They introduced an unlimited text package with 2GB of data, 500 minutes of standard calls and two unlimited packages with data limits of either 5GB at $44.90 and 7GB at $54.90. Both have unlimited standard calls and unlimited text. All plans have unlimited Amaysim to Amaysim calls and on the 4G or 3G network depending on reception.

Here are the details.

Boost logo

Boost, have also increased their data level from 2.5 to 3GB with an extra 1 GB every Sunday, so you can relax and binge out on your favourite videos or download those new apps you need. Details

Windows 10 logo

We then had a look at the latest beta release of Windows 10.

First up Alex looked at the Start Button. Unlike the one they re-introduced in Window 8.1 you can see now all the programs you have installed. The start button has both text and tiles.

Windows 10 Start Button









If you click on “all apps”, you can see all the programs.

Windows 10 Start button showing the programs

The titles area is customizable. You can add “live titles” to have your favourite apps available on the start button.

Settings has been revamped.

The new control panel

Alex commented on how the uninstall programs feature appears to be missing, so He showed us how to find the older control panel under files.

The old control panel

Cortana is the new Windows speech assistant. You can see the question “Ask me anything” next to the start button.

Cortana search area

Alex tried to show us how she works.

Cortana at work

Unfortunately, while we tried to “ask me anything” Cortana wouldn’t play. This is the problem with beta software, sometimes it won’t play ball.

Cortana has a problem and needs updates

We did however, have a look at Cortana’s controls. Starting at the home page, Alex showed us the tools Cortana has and how you can have note books and reminders. You can use Home to change the Cortana’s settings.

We did however, have a look at Cortana’s controls. Starting at the home page, Alex showed us the tools Cortana has and how you can have note books and reminders. You can use Home to change the Cortana’s settings.

Cortana Home window

We finished with a look at how Windows 10 can have multiple desktops with different titles or icons on each. As an example you can have one for your web site apps and one for the book you are writing.

It should launch around June or July and will be free to those who have either Windows 7, Windows 8 or Windows 8.1.

Windows 10 Multiple desktops

You can download a complete iso preview from

The Raffle

Tonight Alex brought a great array of goodies for the raffle.

The Raffle prizes

Which included a Google Chromecast, a Toshiba backpack, thermal cups and loads of other prizes. Find out more about the Chromecast.

Some of our winners

Some of our winners, and our Door Prize winner

Door Prize winner



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