Monthly Main Meeting Highlights

Welcome to our January 2012 Main Meeting.

HTC who were invited could not make it as they were launching their new 4g phone with Telstra. Alex was in Canberra this month so he joined us by Skype to conduct a lively Question and Answer session.

Robert started the evening with a discussion on the latest developments in 3D printers.

Here is the link

and you can find an article in this month’s issue of PC Authority
Robert then demonstrated the art of 3D rendering using a DVD movie he created. It was of a proposed exhibit for the Museum of Democracy. You could walk thought the doors and around the exhibit and see the various displays.

We then managed to call Alex, thanks to Clare, who used her Skype identity when we realised that no one at the meeting knew the club’s password.
This was a very interesting Q & A session with discussion on a wide range of topics. It starting with, the Question, “Could we upgrade the Android OS on a mobile phone?” The answer would appear to depend on whether the Phone Company would recognise the phone with a new OS on it.

Alex also pointed out that once a contract had expired most people get an updated hand set making upgrading the OS on a phone a little redundant. On a question about defragging hard drive’s Alex spoke of Diskeeper, and how it revolutionised the defragging of hard drives. Most drives have packets of data spread all over the disk. Diskeeper developed a technique to keep or move all the data for one file into one place on the disk. By keeping the data together the ware on the hard drive is kept to a minimum.

Diskeeper web site

In response to a question about wireless connection, Alex spoke about the newly released Asus TF201 Transformer Prime. The current leader in the tablet field, the TF201 has the world’s first quad core processor.
Here are the details

Alex also spoke briefly about what was to come in other Tablet development. He suggested that with the release of the iPad 3 and Windows 8, the current crop of tablets will drop significantly in price as the new models will have significant improvements in the OS and performance.

Ken Gibson demonstrated his new track ball presenter with laser pointer. It comes in three models. The top of the range, which Ken was showing has a blue tooth dongle connecting the presenter to the computer.

He purchased it on ebay.
I found a similar device on

The Door prize tonight was taken home by

Frank Bowman



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