Monthly Main Meeting Highlights

Monthly Main Meeting Highlights

Welcome to our January 2015 Main Meeting.


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To start the year off we had Anuraag (Anu) Mohan, Boost Mobile's General Manager of Digital, Platforms & Engagement to give us an entertaining and informative talk about Boost Mobile and its unique place in the mobile phone industry.

Anu from Boost

There are three mobile phone networks in Australia, Optus, Vodafone and Telstra. These companies sell access to their networks in their own name and on-sell access to third party providers such as Amaysim, Aldi and Lycramobile. Generally these companies buy space on the network at a wholesale price and on sell to consumers.

Febuary 2013 Slide 1Boost is different. It is has a marketing arrangement with Telstra that gives it access to the full NextG Telstra network all over Australia , check the coverage here." In effect buying a Boost service gives you a complete Telstra service without the premium price making Boost the number one second tier re-seller in Australia.


February 2015 Slide 2Boost marketing is aimed at three special groups of consumers, the GenYs - “The Social Junkies” - that is the late teenager who is hooked on social media; the “Value Swingers” - the savvy early twenties who need and want value for money and are not that loyal to a brand name, and the” TLCs” - those who may pay more for better cover, have some brand loyalty, but are not keen on paying the premium prices of the big three.




So what does Boost have to offer? Boost is prepaid. No contracts. The pride of the pack is a $40 per month unlimited talk and text, with 2.5 GB of data for thirty days. If you renew with a card or PayPal you can get an extra 500 MB of data, total of 3 GB. You can phone any phone in Australia, land line, mobile - even those 1800 and 1300 numbers, talk as much as you like, as long as you like for 30 days. The same applies to MMS. You can have a text frenzy for the month.

Boost  $40 unlimited poster

Boost's Prepaid phone rangeThey have a range of phones from $99 to $179.







Boost has some great competitions for customers.

Boost's Compertion Poster

This summer, Boost subscribers can win a $65K road trip with 3 mates in a Toyota FJ Cruiser staying in a Byron Bay Beach house.

It appears people are becoming very resistant to telemarketing. This was highlighted for Boost in their last promotion. It took them three attempts to give away the car they had on offer before they found a Boost customer who believed them. Anu told us the first two simply didn’t believe them, they were apparently unaware of the promotion and thought it was a windup.


We then had a few questions from the group, here are some of the questions asked;

“What if I run out of Data?” Boost has add-on data at $5, $15 and $25. You get 250 MB for 5 days, 1 GB for 10 days or 1.5 GB for 15 days.

“What about unused data” You can buy $10 $20 or $40 unlimited recharges which gives unlimited access for 5, 20, or 30 days, outgoing calls and any unused data expires on the expiry date or on your next recharge. Unfortunately the unused data does not roll over.

“Where is your call centre” The call centre is in the Philippines and is staffed with people who not only speak English but have extensive training in understanding the Australian accent and vernacular. You can also use their Facebook page or the Live Chat option on the Boost web site.

Check out their site.

The Raffle

Anu and Alex organised a great range of prizes for tonight’s raffle.

February 2015 Raffle Prizes

Boost Mobile has a range of phones and Anu generously arranged for an Alcatel OneTouch phone and two $40 unlimited sim cards to go to our lucky winners.

Boost's Alcarel OneTouch

Our lucky winners were;


February 2015 1 st Winner








February 2015 2nd Winner


February 2015 3rd Winner

Anu brought one phone for the raffle and two sim cards but Alex had an Alcatel OneTouch Boost given to him to review the Boost network. As Alex had finished the report they decided to raffle it off as well.

The last ticket out was John’s

February 2015 Last Winner

And the door prize when to Bob

February 2015 Door Prize Winner


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