Monthly Main Meeting Highlights

May Main Meeting 2010

LogMeIn, software for remote users.

Tonight Matt Fleming, the Marketing Manager for LogMeIn, called in to demonstrate how useful LogMeIn remote control software is for the PC and the Mac.

The purpose of LogMeIn is to allow any computer with LogMeIn software to be remotely controlled from any computer anywhere in the world.
The company currently has 1.5 billion computers and remote devices connected using LogMeIn

It works through Gravity; - the LogMeIn term, for their virtual network. LogMeIn uses an SSL certificate to protect the computers that log in to the network.

LogMeIn can be used on any device from your desktop to your PDA or Smartphone.

LogMeIn is free. You simply download the software and then you can log in to your computer from any internet -connected device. The free service allows you to use the programs on the remote computer.
You can copy and paste between the computers and chat to whoever is at the remote computer.

For a more enhanced experience you need LogMeIn Pro2

For $69.95 per computer, per year you get, for example, file transfer, remote printing and remote audio, not to mention a diagnostic toolkit and background login.
Here is a full list to compare the two products.

LogMeIn works across platforms so it can work with both PC and MAC.
The company has a range of remote connection software to suit every need from the basic remote access available in LogMeIn Free to full remote IT support software such as LogMeIn Rescue which enables full 24/7 support of PCs MACs and Smartphone’s.

Speaking of Smartphones, LogMeIn has a handy tool to gain access to your networks to and from your Smartphone and your iPhone or iPad, - it’s called Ignition.

For most of the presentation Matt used the yet to be released iPad to demonstrate the LogMeIn connectivity.

By using LogMeIn Ignition you get one click access to all your LogMeIn computers. Ignition gives you access to your LogMeIn computers with a simple window display. It shows the computers available and you click on the one you wish to connect too.

Ignition also comes in an application designed for the iPhone and the iPad. You can also run Ignition from a USB stick.

Mat also showed us how LogMeIn worked with the new Android Smartphone software from Google.

You can find out more about Android at these addresses
Currently Telstra is offering the HTC “desire” with Android software.
You can find details and prices on all LogmeIn LogMeIn products at

After the demonstration Mat handed the HTC around for a hands -on look.

The real highlight of Matt’s demonstration of LogMeIn was the iPad. Days before its release in Australia, the group got a hand’s on look at Apples latest innovation. Of note was the battery life, Matt had charged the iPad in Melbourne yesterday and it was still going strong at the end of the demonstration tonight.

The raffle

LogMeIn had a great prize offer of 5 LogMeIn Pro2 licences.

Matt delves into the bag to draw out the 5 lucky winners.

The winners this month

David Adamson
Roger Foulds
Steve South
W. Kwaitkowski
Bob Campbell




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