Monthly Main Meeting Highlights

Welcome to our May 2012 Main Meeting.

Tonight Monty Hamilton, the head of Digital Operations for Telstra Digital

came up from Melbourne to discuss the changes to Telstra's web site and answer questions about the company.

During our usual Q & A session Alex gave us a brief look at IDT,V a new device designed to receive TV on the Apple iPad and iPhone. IDTV should be here next month.

After the break, Monty took the stage and showed us the newly designed Telstra web site.

Telstra’s new site promises to be a more flat line site. One of the maxims of web design is that information should not be more than three clicks away. Monty’s design appears to live up the that maxim.

The design concept takes an outline which intends to know who the customer is and keep good notes so the customer’s needs and the progress of the problem is known. The new site also has new tools to help customers find solutions.

The new architecture asks the question “Why have people come to the site?” and developed a three point entry interface with the concept that people have come either to shop, find support, or deal with their account.

The design looks to use task-orientated navigation so customers can easily find what they are looking for.

This idea can be seen on the front page with the right side menu.

Here is an example of the details available through the account entry.

The changes included the use of social networks such as Facebook and Twitter.
Monty spoke about the use of Facebook and other social networks emphasising that with so many people using Facebook companies like Telstra could not afford to ignore them.
Interestingly the facebook tag on the left, when clicked on opens up the feedback forum not Facebook.

The get to Telstra’s Facebook page you need to click on the Facebook symbol under “Pay my bill” on the right side menu.

You will find the Facebook site at Telstra 24/7.

and on Twitter

The third leg of Monty’s new concept is support.
An interesting concept in support was “Ask the Crowd”. Monty spoke about Telstra’s ability to deal with all the support problems a large consumer base company can have.


“Ask the crowd” is their attempt to tap into a knowledge base of consumers who have solved problems. The use of forums and tech support knowledge bases is one most computer uses are familiar with. Telstra’s use of the concept is to augment their existing support system with the idea that some problems have already been solved.

The raffle

Monty had arranged for a Telstra Mobile Wi Fi 4G modem.

And the winner is

Ronald Ferguson

The door prise was taken out by

John lee


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