Monthly Main Meeting Highlights

November 2009


David Hall

David Hall

was welcomed back this month to demonstrate Norton Internet Security 2010.

NIS 2010

This version of Norton Internet Security has added some innovative tools to enhance our security.
The cyber criminals can now create hundreds of hacks, each with a slightly different signature in the hope that an unprotected computer will miss the virus.
How do you keep up with this level of activity?
When Symantec first introduced their Internet Security software, they asked members of the Sydney PC User Group to test the beta version. Our motto “members helping members” is one that Symantec appear to have taken to heart in this new version of Internet Security.
David used the analogy of a soccer game where you are the only goal keeper against thousands of attacks; you’re bound to miss one.

slide 1

What if we were to harness the power of other users?

Slide 2

Yes members helping members, now we have millions of goal keepers.
Symantec has, with the help of millions of Norton users, created Quorum. Once a file has a reputation, Symantec store it on their Reputation Servers. This creates a database or Quorum of trusted and not so trusted files that enables all their users to benefit from the experience of others.
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When Norton scans your machine it notes the trusted files and goes on to the ones it fails to recognise.
Quorum has enabled Norton to increase speed while not sacrificing security.

Some of the other Norton Innovations.
Helps identify “unsafe and dangerous web sites right in your search results”.
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Download Insight
Even thought you have found exactly the right piece of free software, prudence would ask “Is it safe to download?” Norton Download Insight is designed to answer just that question.

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Norton has also included in the 2010 edition a number of performances tools to help us analyse why our computers have slowed down suddenly. It’s called System Insight.
System Insight
On David’s computer we could see in real time just which applications were taking up so much RAM.

Slide 6

The Norton site has some great videos explaining these and other features of the Internet Security suite.
Click on “How it works” and scroll down to videos

You can join the Symantec Community for in-depth information and news.

Or you can follow David on Twitter

Norton 360 Version 4
For those of you using Norton 360, Symantec have released version 4 in beta for testing.
You can download at this address

The Present
In appreciation of the support, David has shown the club we presented both David and Natalie Connor a small gift.

After the presentation, we had our end of year drinks and nibbles.

Supper supper



and during the festivities Natalie Connor drew

The Draw

the Raffle.

Tonights’ prizes were ten copies of Norton Internet Security 2010.

Novemner 09 Prizes

Our Winners

Allan Mattews Malcolm Robertson

Allan Matthews                                                           Malcolm Robertson

Frank Bowman    Bruce Murrell

Frank Bowman                                                   Bruce Murrell

Ray Allum   Alan Durham

Ray Allum                                                        Alan Durham

John Robeertson   John Lucke

Joan Robertson                                                     John Lucke

Antony Zaglas

Antony Zaglas and Stephen South (not photographed)


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