Monthly Main Meeting Highlights

Welcome to the October Main Meeting

Tonight we had a visit from iWorld Accessories. iWorld has one of the largest ranges of application driven hardware for the iPhone or Android Smartphones or Tablets, available in Australia.
Chad DeClase was on hand to run us through the amazing variety of toys, games and application driven devices iWorld have on sale.

It was all about games, Chad started the night with a look at the console, a plug in for your iPhone or Android Smartphone. Playing an arcade game on a mobile phone can be a challenge. It’s not just the game play but using the virtual controls on a small device can be frustrating. The iCade consolel gives you a hardware interface with a real joystick and game buttons to help bring the game to life.

Chad then took us back to the arcade games. Some of you will, I am sure, remember playing Space Invaders after school in the local Milk Bar.
Now with a tablet or iPad linked to either the iCore or the iCade you can re-create that great arcade experience.

The Atari games are back and iWorld has the right hardware to suit any of the faithful Atari gamers.

From the pinball wizard to the

Joy stick jockey with the Arcade and the Duo Gamer console.

The Discover bay.

Not a big gamer? If music is more your style, iWorld has something to suit.
For the singers there is the Karaoke Pro.

Want to be your own DJ? try the


For the junior pianist we have


the Piano Apprentice, and a full keyboard version is coming.

But for the rock god in all of us there is

the All Star Guitar with a tablet or iPad inserted where the sound board would be, and buttons along the neck to replicating the frets and strings.

ION Audio devices.

Then again, you may prefer to be driving or flying.
iWorld has a range from iSuper and Silverlit. Starting with the Silverlit, small 1:50 scale Ferraris with working head and tail lights and,

The large Ferrari

the Porsche

and a Mercedes Benz.
All controlled through either a Bluetooth stick or direct from your Smartphone or iPhone.

Silverlit also has a range of application driven small and large Helicopters.

The iSuper range has two large, metal chassis helicopters and a tank



But to paraphrase my Mum “Its all fun and games until you have to clean your teeth and go to bed” , or is it?
Here Chad is holding the electric toothbrush which will come with an app to teach children about oral hygiene.

iWorld does have some serious medical and fitness devices including a sleep monitor.

A range of blood pressure monitors,

a Glucose manager and even

digital scales.

Tools like this will, I feel, become quite common where a patient can monitor their blood pressure and e-mail the results to their GP or specialist. The results can be analysed and probably save the patient time and money in doctor visits.


People’s sport and fitness needs have not been forgotten. iWorld has hardware and apps for bike riders with



runners with


There is even one to help improve your golf swing.

This app takes a profile of your movements and then coaches you in how to improve it. The example Chad used, was to take some lessons from a golf pro while wearing the glove and then using the app to practice the swing.
It’s called the Golf-sensor


The spy cam has come of age. With iBaby a webcam designed to help you monitor the baby’s room.

We got a sneak look at Chad’s work place using his remote monitor. The baby must have gotten lost.


The extensive computerisation of cars has seen a rise in the cost of maintenance. Chad pointed out that every car built since 2004 has a computer access point. Expensive auto breakdowns could also be a thing of the past with Gopoint.

This little gadget will plug into your cars computer and give you a complete diagnostic of any problems. This could mean much shorter delays as you could tell the road service people the parts you need them to bring.

There is so much more available.

Go and check out the early leaning and special needs,
the Home speakers and loads more on the World online site. Each page shows the RRP.

The Raffle.

Thanks to iWorld, Chad was able to bring along two brand new Ferrari’s for the raffle prize.

The winners were

Allan Matthews


Steve South

The door prize went to

Bob Campbell


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