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Welcome to the September 2016 Main Meeting

/Alex with the Jabra headset

Tonight we had hoped to hear from Jabra but unfortunately they were unable to make it tonight. However, during our Q & A session Alex did give us a brief demo of the new Jabra wireless head set. Jabra Web Site.

Jabra Headset

After the break he introduced us to the new Apple OS X and the wealth of information available on the Apple YouTube Channel.

Apple Logo

We started with highlights of the Keynote speech from the Apple Developers Conference. It is around two hours long but with Alex’s judicial editing we covered some of the topics like, why OS X became MacOS, the iPhone 7, and the Apple Watch.


 Apple has four discrete Operating Systems, iOS for the iPads, Watch OS for the watch, tvOS for Apple TV devices and OS X, the tenth edition of the Mac OS.

Sept 16 Keynote macOS

(around 35min in)

This year they decided to rename it macOS. Each development version of the OS has had a code name; this version has been known as Sierra.

Sept 15 Keynote Sierra

(around 36 min in)

The video went on to cover some of the innovations in the new OS such as, Auto Unlock, iCloud storage (which has reached 10 billion files) and Apple Pay.

Sept 16 Keynote Auto Unlock

(around 37 min in)

Auto Unlock

It needs an Apple Watch that knows who you are. It will then talk to your Mac and let you in without the tiresome password procedures, however as Alex pointed out “you need a $600 watch to do that”.

Sept 16 Keynote a mac auto unlocked

Universal clip board.

Sept 16  Keynote Universal clip board

(around 38 min in)

Now you can cut and paste, not just between documents but between computers.

Sept 16 Keynote Clipboard example

(around 38 min in)

Alex did point out that you had to be on the same Apple ID to make this work.

Sept 16 Keynote 10 Billion iCloud fiiles

(around 39 min in)

There are new innovations in iCloud storage, and Apple has enhanced the way users can interact with iCloud. Now you can store your old files on iCloud to free up space on your Mac.

Sept 16 Keynote Old files on iCloud

Again Alex commented that you had to upload the information, and Apple only gave you 5 GB of storage free.

Sept 16 Keynote Apple Pay

(around 40 min in)

We moved on to ApplePay with an amusing idea of how Mac users could use ApplePay.

Sept 16 Keynote Apple Pay using a Mac

(around 42 min in)

The presenter suggested accessories like nice leather straps. Naturally, the real innovation is bringing ApplePay to the web.

Alex pointed out that it was a bit like PayPal. It should be in Australia by the end of the year once the banks and Apple have sorted out the details and percentages.


Siri has now made the transition to the desktop. It’s nice to see Windows was ahead of the game for once with Cortana on the desktop coming out first.

Sept 16 Keynote Siri

(around 44 min in)

In the demo of Siri the presenter showed how he found files created last week.

Sept 16 Keynote Siri Demo

(around 45 min in)

Alex then moved on to show us a video explaining the construction of the new Apple AirPods. Controversial because of the removal of the usual phone jack from the Apple iPhone. With the phone jack replaced with a single lighting point Apple is trying to encourage us to go wireless.

This video introduced us to the innovations of the new apple wireless technology. Apple has designed its own wireless chip, the new W1 chip delivering a crisp clear audio with consistent connection.

Sept 16 AirPods W1 Chip

They have infrared sensors to tell if they are both in your ear, and if you double tap them you can connect to Siri.

Sept 16 AirPod Tap

Two beam microphones reduce noise

Sept 16 AirPods beam diagram

And the AirPods have around five hours of battery.

We moved on to a video of the new Apple watch 2 which is waterproof.

Sept 16 Apple's waterproof watch

One of the interesting innovations Alex demonstrated was the ability to write on your watch, making answering messages in a quiet carriage easier.

Sept 16 Alex demo of handwritting on watch

And you can talk to it. Alex believes its more accurate than it’s ever been.

We also had a look at the production video on the iPhone 7 showing dramatic vision of the building of the iPhone.

Sept 16 Apple iPhone7 construction

The camera housing and how it’s made.

The Raffle

Tonight Alex arranged a varied mix of prizes including a Norton Package, a Kaspersky package and some fabulous novelty prizes.

Sept 16 Raffle prizes

Our Raffle prizes

Door Prize winner

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