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Microsoft Lumia Phones

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Process Explorer

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Hello and Welcome,
The Penrith Group will hold their monthly meeting next week. Details are below. 
Saturday 7 March - Penrith Group - F Bowman - 2:00pm - 5:00pm
At their last meeting the group spent most of their time discussing Virtual Private Networks (VPN).
They came to the conclusion that using a VPN is one of the best ways to protect personal information, sensitive files and financial information when using the Internet as it secures the computer's network connection and sends data in an encrypted form. This facility can be very important when Public Wi-Fi networks are used.
Some people also use VPNs to access video content that is only available in the country of origin such as the videos available from Netflix and Hula in the USA and BBC TV in the UK.
VPNs were once the domain of business users and hackers but they have become mainstream tools we can all use. There are some free VPN services available but some of these are slow and not all are easy to set up. However, there are many commercial VPNs available and three that performed extremely well in a CHOICE magazine survey were HideMyAss, PurVPN and VyprVPN. Alex Zaharov-Reutt also mentioned WiTopia favourably at one of the Main meetings.
At this month's meeting the group will discuss and research the following topics:
(a) "The Internet of Things" and how it could change our homes;
(b) some of the new features in Windows 10;
(c) the program Movie Maker - it will also be used to produce a slide show with transitions; and
(d) some useful websites that give tips on how to take better digital photos.
The group will also hold a question and answer session around the table to share problems, advice and tips.
Visitors are always welcome. However, if you intend to go to the meeting please ring Frank Bowman on 4722 2456 for directions.
John Mathews

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