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11 - 16 May 2015
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The ASCCA Training program for May, June and July can be seen here. 


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Hello and Welcome,
 Details of next week's programs are below:
Friday 8 May - Friday Forum - 9:30am - 12:30pm
At this month's meeting Roger Foulds will discuss the latest version of Windows 10 (build 10074 iso) which he has installed as a standalone program on VMware.
He will also look at some of the comments that have been posted on the Internet about the program and the problems that have been identified.  
Roger will also outline his experience with installing an Aldimobile sim card and a Vodafone sim card on and ONIX smart phone.  
There will time for a question and answer session and a general discussion of computer issues at the meeting.  
Friday 8 May - Communications - J Lucke - 12:30pm - 3:30pm
John Lucke's computer was hijacked a few days ago!  
Attacks of this kind can be very destructive if they completely take over a computer's screen and antivirus programs cannot detect the cause of the problem.  
John spent many hours searching on Google for a remedy and at this meeting he will explain how he eventually resolved the problem.  
There will be time at the meeting for a general discussion and a question and answer session. 
Saturday 9 May - Penrith Group - F Bowman - 2:00pm - 5:00pm 
The group will start the meeting with a Question and Answer session around the table to share problems, advice and tips.
They will then discuss and research:
(a) The Internet of Everything and how it could change homes, privacy, security and businesses;
(b) Some of the new features in Windows 10;
(c) The services provided by Netflix, Stan and Presto and how they compare; and
(d) How one computer writer rates the current antivirus programs.
Last month the group examined a beta version of Windows 10 and found that the new operating system appears to be a big improvement on Windows 8. The Start Button is back and it is easy to navigate, the programs and apps are arranged in alphabetical order and there are no more annoying charms on the right hand side of the screen. They had no difficulty in installing some programs and a driver for a Canon printer.
Movie Maker was opened in Windows 10 and they continued the previous month's exercise of producing a slide show with transitions and music.

They also examined an interesting and useful article called Ten Common Misconceptions about Mobile Device Batteries which was issued by Tech Republic.
As the meeting venue has changed, please email Frank at for the location of latest meeting place.
John Mathews

Information for Members and Visitors:
All Meetings, unless specifically stated above, are held on the
1st Floor, Sydney Mechanics' School of Arts, 280 Pitt Street, Sydney.
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