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Hello and Welcome,
The Penrith group will meet next week and details of their meeting are below.

Saturday 6 June - Penrith Group - F Bowman - 2:00pm - 5:00pm
Frank Bowman will start the meeting with a question and answer session around the table to enable members to share their computer problems, advice and tips. 
The topics that will be discussed and researched at this meeting are:
(a) sending large files over the Internet using programs such as We Transfer;
(b) HDMI cables – does price matter?
(c) the services provided by Netflix, Stan and Presto and how they compare;
(d) the use of the Problem Steps Recorder in Windows 7 and 8 to help solve problems.
At their last meeting the group spent much of the afternoon discussing the Internet of Everything - the technology that can connect almost everything in the home, such as lights, door locks, coffee machines, thermostats, fridges, garage door openers, curtain blind controllers, ceiling fans and washing machines, to the Internet. 
The technology is here and rapidly developing and the group considered whether it is worthwhile in its present stage of development. Some gadgets can already be connected to the Internet but not everything is straightforward as some companies providing home automation, such as Apple, Google, Samsung and Philips, use different systems for the wireless communication.
The group also discussed the use of Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) which is apparently increasing. One reason for using a VPN is that we never know who is eavesdropping especially when Public Wi-Fi networks are used to connect to the Internet. As the onus is on us to keep our personal information and particularly our financial details safe, many people are turning to VPNs which are no longer the domain of business users and hackers. VPNs are now mainstream tools which everyone can use. 
The group also looked at the quality of antivirus programs as tested at the Internet site and found that the top five of the 10 identified were Vipre, Eset, AVG, Bit Defender and Norton. 
If you intend to go to this meeting please email Frank at for the location of the meeting place.
John Mathews

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