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Which is best - a Tablet, Laptop or Hybrid?

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Hi John,
The Penrith Group will meet next Saturday and details of their meeting are below.
Saturday 4 July - Penrith Group - F Bowman - 2:00pm - 5:00pm
Frank Bowman normally starts the meeting with a question and answer session around the table where members share problems, advice and tips.
The topics that will be discussed at this meeting are:
(a) Creating a PowerPoint presentation with animations and transitions;
(b) Sites that allow large files to be sent over the Internet; and
(c) The latest news on Windows 10.
At the group's last meeting they looked at the useful small program, "Problem Steps Recorder", which is part of both Windows 7 and 8. This program will record what is happening on the screen as a zipped file. It could be used to record a problem you are having, which could help a technician find a solution. It could also be used to introduce computer users to a new program. Problem Steps Recorder also gives a detailed record in text of what has happened on the screen.
There are other third party screen recorders some of which record screen happenings as a video, instead of separate images.
While Netflix, Stan, Presto and Quickflix perform similar tasks with their video services, there are differences. Each has a free trial period of 30 days. Netflix excels when it comes to usability, with the home screen making it simple to browse through categories. It is compatible with smart TVs, besides computers and smartphones. Quickflix has a clunky and Spartan browser interface. There are no contracts but Quickflix does not have unmetered deals with any Australian ISPs, so the data we chew through counts towards the monthly usage limit.
Stan's web interface is slick and video can be streamed to a TV using Google Chromecast. Like Quickflix, Stan does not have unmetered deals with any Australian ISPs, so again the data you chew through counts towards the monthly usage limit. Like Stan, Presto, does not have contracts. Its web interface is similar to Stan's.
Google Chromecast can be used to watch Presto on TV. There is no high definition content at the moment, which makes it easier to manage bandwidth usage. If using Telstra BigPond or Foxtel Broadband, data used while watching Presto does not count towards the monthly home download limit.
Steve gave a demonstration of the One Note program at the meeting. It became clear that this flexible program could be useful at times, especially when used in conjunction with One Drive.
Warren demonstrated the Video Download Helper with Firefox. It is a useful app.
                                                                                                                             Frank Bowman
If you intend to go to this meeting please email Frank at for the location of the meeting place. 
John Mathews

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