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27 July - 1 August 2015
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 Macrium Reflect

A free disk cloning and imaging program

Read about it here.

Direct download here.

 Australian Engineering Week  Events from 1 - 11 August 2015

There are events that may interest some members in the attached brochure.

Hello and Welcome,
Details of next week's meetings are below.
Tuesday 21 July - Tuesday Forum - T Kelly - 9:30am - 12:30pm
You may not realise it but a large amount of your personal data is made publicly available when you look at websites, store content in the cloud or transmit information through emails and social networking sites.
This data is a rich source of information for marketers, scammers and government agencies and can compromise both your privacy and security unless steps are taken to protect it.
At this Tuesday Forum Tim Kelly will discuss the methods and tools you can use to protect your privacy and increase your security online.
As always the group will look at some interesting websites, free software and gadgets as well as have a question and answer session.
Tuesday 21 July - Family History - T Eakin - 12:30pm - 3:30pm

Terry Eakin's presentation this month is all about Ireland's free online Roman Catholic Registers at the National Library of Ireland.

Terry has already given two three hour sessions on this subject but he has only scratched the surface of what is available on the Irish website. The links on the site to church parishes has exceeded his expectations by at least 100% and the data, its format, enhancement tools, ease of use and presentation is very impressive.

Terry is excited about what the site's leap forward will do for Irish genealogy and believes that those who attend this meeting will leave with the confidence and knowledge to use this database at home.

Friday 24 July - Digital Photography - 9:30am - 12:30pm

At this meeting members will discuss how photographs can be taken with infinity backgrounds.

Members are asked to bring a camera to the meeting so that they can get some practical experience in taking these kinds of photographs.

There will also be a question and answer session and general discussion of camera and photographic topics at the meeting.


John Mathews

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1st Floor, Sydney Mechanics' School of Arts, 280 Pitt Street, Sydney.
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