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29 February - 5 March 2016
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The IrfanView program is a very popular graphic viewer that comes in both 64-bit and 32-bit versions.

You can read about it and download a copy here.



 Microsoft is this month's guest presenter.

Please bring some friends to the meeting.

They will enjoy the meeting  and their presence will encourage other companies to make presentations at our meetings in the future.


Hello and Welcome,
Details of next week's meetings are below.

Tuesday 23 February - AGM and MAIN Meeting - 5:30pm - 8:30pm

1. The Annual General Meeting will be held at 6:00pm; and

2. The Main Meeting will follow.   Alex Zaharov-Reuttt sent us the following message yesterday:

It's nearly the end of February and this time is usually the absolutely huge extreme cut-off point to wish others a 'happy new year', but as we haven't spoken yet since 2015, it's a very Happy New Year I want to wish you all!

This year we're kicking off with a bang, with a long-sought guest, Microsoft, finally agreeing to attend, and for our 2016 kick-off meeting at that.

Our special guest presenter this month is Jaron Cohen, Microsoft's Commercial Windows 10 expert.

Jaron will be presenting over two timeslots as there is so much Windows 10 goodness to share!

This will be from 6.30-7.00, right after the AGM, and then from 7.15-7.50pm.

This means some of the more usual segments will either be ultra-short or eliminated this month and relegated to online viewing only, but I hope that giving members more time with Jaron from Microsoft for Windows 10 makes up for it.

The presentation will primarily revolve around Windows 10 and its many benefits and features.

These include the Windows Start Menu and live tiles, the Windows Store, Universal Apps, the new Edge Browser, the new Windows Update and the much faster update regime, the new way Aero snap works, virtual desktops, a good look at the awesomely cool ways Cortana can totally transform your computing experience and plenty more, which also includes Windows 10 being a free download.

Jaron will also share some astounding Windows 10 stats, including the fact it now has well over 200 million users, and he'll give us the latest on the successful Microsoft Store launch in Pitt St as well as some must-know info about Microsoft's other products.

Jaron will be ready to answer your questions and show us all the awesome power of Windows 10, so February's meeting is a must-attend event!

Microsoft is yet to confirm if it can supply a copy of Windows 10 for brand new computers, if it can, it will, but if not, we'll have some other prizes for members as per usual.

If we can, let's please have a great turnout for Microsoft. If you can, please bring your interested friends and family, bring your questions and bring yourself to what will be a great February main meeting!

One more thing I need to say is that before I had Microsoft confirmed, and before I realised the AGM was on this month, I accepted an invitation to travel to Singapore from the 23rd to the 28th of February for a technology conference.

So, sadly, I won't actually be there this month, although depending on timing and if it can be arranged at the lectern with a notebook computer, I could always pop up on Skype to say hello - I'll asked Robert Israel if there's any chance this can be organised.

Finally, as noted above, if we can have a great turnout for Microsoft, it would look great. I don't know if there's time to ask ASCCA to send an email blast out to its members, but maybe there is.

We would have done this sooner, but Microsoft only officially confirmed it was taking both sessions earlier today, and we need to work with what we have.

I hope to see you virtually at the February 23 main meeting and I hope you have a very enjoyable presentation with Jaron Cohen of Microsoft!

Best regards,


Friday 26 February - Digital Photography - 9:30am - 12:30pm

The group examined how the program Paint.NET could be used to enhance photographs at last month's meeting.

At this month's meeting the group will look at some of the photographs they have improved with the program before engaging in a wider discussion about photograph enhancing and the popular programs that can be used for this purpose.


John Mathews

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