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Hello and Welcome,
Details of next week's meetings are below.

Tuesday 28th June - Main Meeting - 5:30 - 8:00


We're half way through 2016... 16 years after the new millennium! I still vividly remember being a child and wondering what life would be like in the year 2000, and here we are 16 years beyond it.

Life is much the same, except now we have a whole range of technological conveniences that are vastly more advanced versions of the the things we had in the 80s, like 4K Ultra HD TVs that blow away the black and white models of the past, and pocket computer phones that make the Commodore 64 look like a not-very-good glorified typewriter.

This month, I've had a coulee of presenters drop out due to unforeseen circumstances, and my efforts to find someone else at relatively short notice haven't, as yet, been successful.
There is a chance that Trend Micro will be our presenter on Tuesday, and if so, they'll be telling us all about the state of cybersecurity and why their software is what we should be using, but if not, the group's backup presenter will be wheeled out of the cupboard.

His name is Alex, you may have seen him present in the past, and he'll be both conducting a mega Q & A session for anyone that has questions about anything, and he will show you the latest range of gizmos and gadgets he has in his possession.

Of course this mysterious Alex is me, and I've got a few colourful shape-shifting USB port extenders, a portable mobile phone battery charger or two, some notepads, some special 'highlighters in the shape of a man with pop out 'hair' that lets you brush the dust out of your keyboard' and two copies of Acronis True Image Cloud for PC or Mac worth $99 each.

But what will be presented, beyond answering questions and providing some prizes for the raffle, especially if Trend Micro doesn't provide me with a 'hail Mary' pass and come along to present after all?

1. Well, I will show you some highlights from the recent 'World Wide Developer Conference' from Apple, which shows you some very cool visions of Apple's version of the coming future, which will certainly affect how Microsoft, Google, Facebook and others do things.

These including 'Siri' on the desktop (much like Cortana on the Mac), the new way that the Apple Watch will work (which is quite amazing) and a few other very noteworthy capabilities and benefits in the coming iOS 10 and new macOS Sierra, which will presumably also be copied and implemented by Microsoft and Google, too.

2. I'll then switch to a brief review of the VividWireless wireless modem we had presented to us last month, I've been using it and... is it really as good as claimed?

3. I'll give you a quick tour of my YouTube video channel, where I now have hundreds of video interviews that I've conducted with people from around the world, and highlight some 'Must Watch' interviews I really think you should put on your list to check out.

4. I'll share with you who I believe are the most affordable pre-paid telcos in Australia, with prices so low you might get a real surprise.

5. I'll remind you how to watch Sky News free of charge as we endure the last week of the Federal Election campaign - no Foxtel subscription required - using your smartphone, tablet, PC or Mac.

6. I'll show you the Wacom Bamboo notepad, that lets you write on paper and see your pictures, writings, scribblings and more on your iPhone or iPad.

7. I'll remind you how to block the Windows 10 upgrade on your computer if you don't want it, for whatever reason.

8. And I'll show you one of the most popular smartphone games on the Internet at the moment, which you may not wish to download to avoid an insanely addictive experience.

Finally, our Q & A session at 6.30pm will be on as per usual, so please bring your questions and I'll do my best to answer them!

So - there are some nifty and amazing things to see at June's main meeting, just because we don't have an 'official' presenter (yet!) doesn't mean we can't see great stuff and enjoy ourselves immensely, so do come along and help make the meeting!

See you on Tuesday evening,

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