Monthly Main Meeting Highlights

November 2020 Main Meeting

This month my video recording failed. So I have a brief report on what happened.

Alex was on hand to show us the new iPhone 12 iPhone 12and have look at the Apple event held on November 10th. The new iPhone 12 has flat bezel or edge and comes in three models the pro the 12 and the mini. In Australia we have the 12 and the mini and the phone is 5G.

We then watched the November launch of the new Macs with their own M1 processor. M1 chip

Apple silicon is Appleā€™s own chip development and has created chips for the phone and watch and now has the M1 for the Mac. In combines the processor, the video, the memory and the IO chips into into one processor. Replaced chips


Apple has delivered three Macs with M1, the Mini, The Mac Air and the Mac Book Pro.


Alex indicated that we will have a December Main Meeting on the 15th via zoom so subscribe to the newssheet to find out more.


The Raffle

We had a copy of Camtasia and a copy of Acronis

Camtasia went to Bob

And Acronis was won by Isa

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