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Welcome to the September Main Meeting

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Tonight Alex gave us a detailed look at the new iPhone 5 and the latest on Windows 8.

Alex with iphone 5

iPhone 5

The iPhone 5 is Apple’s latest phone and is longer by 8.6 mm, Lighter by 40 g, and 1.7 mm thinner.

Those of us who held the two phones were amazed at the significant difference in weight. It truly is much lighter.
side view of iphone

It has been nick named the “long phone” as Apple have increased the height but not the width. This makes for a phone with a similar feel in the hand that it is still comfortable to hold. With the increase in real estate for the screen you can now see much more information.

The screen is not only larger but has a superb resolution. To demonstrate, Alex played a few games.


The sunlight off the windscreen and the free flowing motion in the animation prompted Alex to comment that it was like watching an animated movie with you in control.

One of the features Alex highlighted was the camera, which now comes with a panorama feature as standard. It appears simple to use - keeping the camera steady you simply scan in the direction of the arrow keeping it in the same horizontal position.

The end result

Alex also demonstrated another 360 app called Panorama for earlier iPhones without this feature.

All this is seen by the new sapphire crystal lens which is a feature of the new iPhone and is the next hardest object to a diamond.

Due to the slim size Apple now uses the lighting connector. Gone is the chunky 30 pin connect of iPhone 4.
The beauty of this is its reversible; there is no “wrong way” to fit it.
We had some fun with Siri, the voice activated search engine
Asking Siri to “Open the pod bay doors” prompted the response ‘Without your space helmet Alexander you are going to find that rather breathtaking ”.

New to iPhone is Apple maps.

The app comes with a 3D satellite view and Alex had us zooming across the Opera House.

For those who need it, or according to the latest reports, want accuracy, you can still get Google maps.

Alex demonstrated a web site called Google maps for non-flash devices.

See it at street view no flash

You can get a great run down on the engineering and all the technology of the iPhone 5 on the video by

Jony Ive

Windows 8

The great day is fast approaching! Windows 8 will be released on 26th October.

Tonight Alex gave us a brief rundown on using Windows 8 with a keyboard and mouse.
Here is a rundown on the new keyboard short cuts published by Kent Walter

The biggest change in Windows 8 is the new start screen replacing the start button. It can be seen in the new Metro style

or a traditional style.

Those of us used to finding our programs from the list after pressing the start button are going to find this difficult to adjust to. All the apps or programs will appear on the start screen as icons or can be found using the charms search.
Charms can be found by hovering over the right side of the screen.

They enable quick control over the windows environment without leaving the program you are work in. You can search, share, go to the start menu, see your devices, and check your settings.

Those people who feel they need a start button can have one. Alex showed one called

Classic Start Menu.

That and others will be available for a small fee.

Here is a an article in CNet about some of the available programs which include “ViStart, Classic Shell and StartMenu7 (and) all do a good job of duplicating the classic Start menu”.

The Raffle.

Tonight’s raffle included a wireless keyboard, the Intel Blimp, and some Asus Crosslink Plus data cables.

Here are some of the luck winners,

Frank Bowman

Robert Israel

Roger Foulds


Cec Cheng


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