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This Group meets at 9:30am - 3rd Tuesday each month at Sydney Mechanics' School of Arts, 280 Pitt Street. Visitors are welcome

What is Sydney Gateway?

Sydney Gateway will be the completion of missing links in the Sydney motorway network to improve traffic flow. This high capacity network is vital for supporting the growth of our communities, places and economy. This will ensure people and goods can move around our city and beyond, safely and reliably.

Sydney Gateway is key to this vision and will greatly improve the way we travel to Sydney Airport and Port Botany. It will deliver major new toll-free connections from the Sydney motorway network to the International and Domestic terminals.

Sydney Gateway will strengthen Sydney’s position as a global city, by expanding and improving the existing road and freight rail networks. Importantly, Sydney Gateway will provide a new route for around 10,000 trucks a day. This will help remove trucks from Mascot, reduce travel times and congestion, and return local streets to the community. For now just Click, relax and enjoy a series of virtual tours without the traffic chaos.

Sydney Gateway Project

Browsers to suit all tastes:

All browser logosWeb surfers are spoiled for choice with new or updated browsers seemingly to appear every other week. Every new release brings more features and claims of greater security and speed.

Perhaps the best outcome from all modern browsers is that they display web pages in the standardised W3C format. Thankfully, no longer do we see notices like "Best displayed in a IE-xyz browser".

The following list shows the recent desktop share plus the official download sites for the latest versions.
StatCounter Jan. 2018 desktop share:

Review: Apache OpenOffice 4 vs. LibreOffice 4.1

Not so fast, LibreOffice -- OpenOffice has a shiny, new, and improved major release of its own

Libre Office Writer
For some time, LibreOffice seemed to have taken the crown from OpenOffice. Libre had commandeered a sizable portion of the OpenOffice developer base, introduced a faster revision cycle, and attracted a large number of users, thanks in part to LibreOffice now being the default productivity suite for many Linux distributions.

Open Office Writer screen
But OpenOffice has staged a comeback, with a new revision to the left of the decimal point. Challenging LibreOffice's spanking new version 4.1, Apache OpenOffice 4.0 boasts a splashy in-document user interface, hundreds of bug fixes, and many more features big and small. Is it enough to take back the crown?
Source and full report: InfoWorld

Puran Utilities are Free for non-commercial use

Puran Software

Puran Utilities produce a set of more than 20 software utilities that can help you get the best performance out of your computer. It also provides an automatic and a one click solution to keep your computer clean and error free. Puran Utilities are compatible with Windows XP/2003/Vista/2008/7/8/10 including 64 bit versions.

This is the short description of how some of the utilities can help:
Puran free utilitiesDisk Check: Fix errors, recover bad sectors on your hard disk with chkdsk.
Uninstaller: Uninstall software that you are not able to uninstall otherwise.
Puran Startup Manager: Enable/disable Windows startup items.
Puran Service Manager:   Enable/disable Windows services.
Puran Disk Cleaner:   Find and delete junk files from your computer.
Fix Shortcuts:   Automatically fix or delete broken shortcuts.
Puran Registry Cleaner:   Clean Windows registry for better performance.
Puran Registry Defrag:   Defrag and compact Windows registry for better performance.
Puran Defrag:   Automatically defrag and optimize your hard disk drives.
Puran Duplicate File Finder: Find duplicate files on your computer. It's customizable and extremely fast.
Data Recovery:   Recover data from your damaged media like scratched DVDs, VCDs, BLU Rays etc.
Puran File Recovery:   Recover deleted files from your hard disk, pen drive, memory card.
Puran Wipe Disk:   Wipe entire disk or just free space so that no files on it can be recovered.
Maintenance Wizard: Run selected utilities in a pre-defined order for getting best performance out of your computer.
Check out the many Puran Utilities here...