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We Meet the third Saturday of each month
 at the Sydney Mechanics Institute 240 Pitt St Sydney from 2 pm

What we did

April 2020 : cPanel

This month we looked look at cPanel. If you have a website chances are you can manage your site with cPanel. Using this site management tool will give you access to file management like creating directories and monitoring disk usage. cPanel allows you to control fpt accounts to allow others to download files. You can use cPanel to create e-mail accounts and browser your e-mails on the server. You can manage your domain names. As an example, you can, depending on your package create and configure subdomains. They are those sites that look like this “”.

cPanel also allows you to create databases and manage software like PHP codes. Most cPanels give you access to and easy installation of programs like contact files or image libraries. Another feature of cPanel is git version control which allows you to manage the changes to files. We looked at that last month.

Here are some of the resources we used

Heres a link to the Tutorialspoint quick guide and

This video tutorial, Number 2 "Introduction to cPanel" is from Quention Watts Turorials.

Steve South
Web Design leader