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We Meet the third Saturday of each month
 at the Sydney Mechanics Institute 240 Pitt St Sydney from 2 pm

What we did

August 2020 Ten one line layouts

This month we had a look at Una Una Kravets article on “Ten one-line layouts”

Its 10 Modern CSS layout and sizing techniques that highlight just how robust and impactful a single-line of styling code can be

The article and the video gave some great ideas on how a single line of code will create a good-looking site layout. So, we run through the ideas and discussed how each worked. Of note was the fact that the title was a little miss leading as most layout styles need to be blended into the overall layout design. Each of the ten items have a codepen example.

Chages to MDN Staffing

We finished with a look at the effect on MDN that Mozilla’s changes to staff levels may have. There was much discussion by web developers on Twitter as to the effects it would have on the level of knowledge available.

MDN stands for Mozilla Developer Network and is the main repository of all documentation on web standards. It’s a free resource and there in lays the problem with Mozilla no long able to sustain the level of staff levels. Here is the Mozilla press release

and one comment on the need to change the “Cult of the free”


Steve South
Web Design leader