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We Meet the third Saturday of each month
 at the Sydney Mechanics Institute 240 Pitt St Sydney from 2 pm

What we did

November 2020 A Deep Dive Into CSS Grid minmax()

This moth we looked at an article on using Min Max As the article said min max

“Defines a size range greater than or equal to min and less than or equal to max.”

Its used within grid to help define the minimum and the maximum size a column or row.

The article had lots of examples and we copied them into a page then followed the article through to see how each of the examples worked.

Here is the video of what we discussed.

The two articles we noted are A Deep Dive Into CSS Grid minmax()

And the one also mentioned comparing Min, max and clamp in CSS.

There is also an article on “Article Layout with CSS Grid” to quote it about creating

"a mobile-friendly layout where the text was centered and readable, where the images/code examples are wide."


Steve South
Web Design leader