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2019 Home Pages

The November 2019 Main Meeting

Norton Livelock LogoNorton Specialist Systems Engineer Dean Williams was our special guest at the November Main Meeting. He explained why New Norton 360 is a must have, fully powered solution for your connected world and also generously provided five copies of Norton 360 for the raffle. » See full story here.
This was our last Main Meeting for 2019.

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The October 2019 Main Meeting

HMD LogoHMD Global the new home of Nokia paid us a visit and NOKIA Logo Mitchell Senior the National Training Manager at HMD Global presented some of Nokia's newest Android 2019 smartphones at the October Main meeting. » Full report available here..

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The September 2019 Main Meeting

Laser was our guest at the September Main meeting and demonstrated some of the best in their wide range of consumer products. » View brief report here..

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The August 2019 Main Meeting

HappyTel Services HappyTel and Acer were at our August Acer logo meeting to present their latest services and computers.
» Follow both reports...

The July 2019 Main Meeting

Synology Logo

This month we looked at Synology Network Access Systems (NAS) with the people from Multimedia Technology Pty Ltd

» Full report here..

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The June 2019 Main Meeting

This month Whistleout dropped in and our guest presenter was Kenny McGilvary

Whistleout logo» check it out now..

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The May 2019 Main Meeting

Optus-Yes LogoIn May, Optus came to introduced their next generation of broadband technology to our members.
» see the whole presentation...

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The April 2019 Main Meeting

Huawei LogoIn April, Huawei come along, having just launched the flagship P30 and the Matebook X  Pro and the 13 laptops. We were one of the first groups to see the new Mate X which had just been launched that day.
» read the full report here...

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The March 2019 Main Meeting

Shopback logo Microsoft Logo

At the March Main Meeting we had a visit from Shopback, your cash back discount service plus our good friends from the Microsoft store as well. » follow both stories here

Vale Alan Marcionetti

It is with great sadness that we report the death of Alan Marcionetti.
We have recently heard from Mrs Helen Marcionetti that her husband, a long-standing member of SPCTUG, has died recently following a fall which necessitated hospital admission.The Secretary has written to his widow expressing members' regret and condolences.
He will be sadly missed.

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The February 2019 Main Meeting

This was our AGM after which the Alex took the stand to show us the new folding phones, One of the latest concepts in mobile phones.

Mate X and Galaxy Fold
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The January 2019 Main Meeting

Welcome to 2019, we hope you all had a great break.

Tonight, our 2019 meetings got off to a great start with EFTPOS calling by.» read more...



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2018 Home Pages

The November 2018 Main Meeting

Tonight, was our last meeting for the year and to finish the year, Google dropped by to show us the new Home Hub and take a freah look at YouTube. » read more..

Google Logo
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The October 2018 Main Meeting

Tonight Kate Jordan, Telstra's IoT Product Manager dropped by with details of the new Telstra Locator service.


Lost the dog. Can’t find your wallet, don’t remember where the keys are? Well tonight Kate,


was here to help us locate them all using the new Telstra Locator tag system. » read more...

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The September 2018 Main Meeting

OPPO logo and The Vodafone Foundation logo

This month we had OPPO and The Vodafone Foundation drop by. » read more...

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The August 2018 Main Meeting

Norton Logo

Glen Whichello

Tonight, Glen Whichello made a welcome return to demonstrate the new Norton Core.

Norton Core

  »

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The July 2018 Main Meeting

Microsoft Logo

This month the guys from the Microsoft Store in Pitt St dropped by to tell us about some of the new features of the April Windows 10 update. If you have version 1803 you have the latest update.

This time we had a great rundown on all the accessibility features of the April update. » see more details.

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The June 2018 Main Meeting

Tonight, Trend Micro returned with an update of Trend’s Home Network Security device.

Trend Micro Home Security Network

This time Shaniel Datt brought along Troy Thomas, Trend’s National Training Manager

Shaniel Datt and Troy Thomas 

» continue reading

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The May 2018 Main Meeting

NBN Co Logo

Tonight, Amber from NBN Co.

Amber from NBN

dropped by for a chat about Australia's National Broadband Network. » read more...

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The April 2018 Main Meeting Presentations

AMD Logo     Seagate Logo     Brother Logo     Blue Logo

Tonight Renato Catalan,


Representing AMD, Seagate, Brother and Blue Microphones returned to give us a review of the great variety of products the Agency represents. » read more...

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Highlights of our March 2018 Main Meeting

OVO Logo

Tonight, we enjoyed a visit from the CEO and Founder of OVO, Matt Jones » read the complete story.

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The February 2018 Main Meeting and AGM

Tonight, Alex demonstrated the new speakers that Google and Apple have brought to the market.  Apple Logo Google Logo

»

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January 2018 Main Meeting

Our first meeting for the year started with a Report from our President Alex who attended the Consumer Electronics Show, earlier this month in Los Vegas. You can find all his interviews at his YouTube channel “Alex on tech”

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Jazooble logo Fuji Xerox logo

We then welcomed two presenters - Jazoodle Account forecasting software and the new Fuji Scanners.
» see all three reports here

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The Sydney PC and Technology User Group

Christmas Candelwould like to wish you a happy Christmas and a happy holiday season.Christmas Candel

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2017 Home Pages

November Main Meeting

Tonight our good friends from Norton,

Norton Logo

 came to discuss the major cyber threats of 2017 and some of the solutions Symantec uses to solve those threats.   » read all...

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Microsoft returned to our October Main Meeting

Microsoft logo

Microsoft returned this month to continue showcaseing the latest in Windows 10 and Office plus the newest Surface tablets and laptops. Paul answered even more of our members' questions not previously covered.

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Microsoft came to our September Main Meeting Paul O'Malley representing Microsoft

Paul O'Malley from Microsoft's city store visited us to show the latest in Windows 10 and Office, the newest Surface tablets and laptops, 4K Ultra HD Xbox One X and so much more. Paul also happily answered many of our members' questions.

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In August we saw these impressive products demonstrated:

Malwarebytes logo
Malwarebytes which detects and removes malware in real-time with advanced anti-malware, anti-spyware, and anti-rootkit technology.

Then Armourcard explained how to protect your digital wallet. Armourecard logo

» follow both stories...

July Main Meeting

NBN Co logo

This month the NBNco was on hand and

Michael Tyler explains new product

Michael Tyler, the NBNco Community Affairs Manager was on stage to give us the latest on the roll out.

» continue the full report...

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Vale Mark Windridge

Mark WindridgeIt is with great sadness that we recently learned of the sudden passing of Mark Windridge on the 24th June 2017. While he had suffered failing health in recent times he was just 62 when he passed away.

Mark Windridge was a Life Member who worked tirelessly for the club upon joining in 1992. He was our Membership Officer for many years and was always on hand to promote our club and ready to sign up new members at the early trade fairs. Mark was also the friendly face that welcomed members to our Main meetings plus he led the "101 Technical Group" for many years and was a regular visitor to our Penrith Group.

Mark Windridge will be deeply missed. Rest in Peace.

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June Main Meeting

Samsung logo

This month Mr. Richard Chan,

Richard Chan presents

Product Manager - Brand Memory at Samsung Australia, paid us a visit to take us into a deep dive of their SSD (solid state drive) range.

» see more of report

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May Main Meeting

Tonight, Alex stepped in with a great discussion on various topics after our presenter from Armourcard had to cancel at the last-minute due to illness.

» Continue to more details

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April Main Meeting

There was no meeting in April as ANZAC Day fell on our meeting night. Our next meeting will be the 24th May.

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Important changes made at March 2017 Main Meeting

Firstly, we finalised some items left from our AGM last month including the new name we now have as shown above "Sydney PC and Technology User Group". The name change was a suggestion from one of our members and better reflects our changing focus. Some other minor constitutional changes were also finalised.

Roger FoldsBryan Mc DonaldThe club also bestowed life memberships to: Roger Foulds, Brain McDonald and John Mathews who was not present on the night. Each of these members spent many years in committee, administration and group leadership roles for our club. The club also gave a special vote of thanks to John Lucke, already a life member, for his long service to the club especially as treasurer, membership officer and his innovative design work on our website.

After the break, Alex was on stage with some great software ideas, starting with Ninite a program to update all your programs at one time. » Read the whole story

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Latest Norton Security shown at our February Main meeting

Mark Gorrie from Norton SecurityOur special guest this month was Mark Gorrie, Director of Symantec's Norton Business Unit, who had presented to us back in 2015 - it was great to welcome Mark back!

Norton logoFirst off Mark showcased Symantec's latest Norton range, including Norton Security and Norton Wi-Fi Privacy, two products essential for protecting your digital life, on traditional PCs and Macs and today's smartphone and tablet mobile devices.

Mark then discussed the latest cybersecurity threats and the ways that Norton Security and Norton Wi-Fi Privacy work to keep us and our valuable data safe. Symantec generously provided some valuable raffle prizes plus everyone took home a Norton satchel full of goodies. » Read the full report

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Vale Ray Allum

Ray Allum It is with great sadness that we convey the passing of Ray Allum, one of our long time club members. Ray reguarly attended our main meetings with his wife Elizabeth and served on our committee for a number of years. Always a keen golfer, Rays gentle nature and quick smile will be greatly missed.

A double header for our January 2017 Meeting

Trend Micro logo Shaniel Datt on stage
First up our friend Shaniel Datt, Trend Micro’s Product and Training Manager returned to show us their innovative router protection called Home Network Security. Trend Micro have gone way beyond virus protection with this idea. We now have the internet of things, these “things” being smart TVs Smart fridges, home security and even smart light globes.

Ian Blackall on stage Then Ian Blackhall, Head of Marketing at Boost Mobile took the stage. Ian spoke about the business of Boost, how it started and why. Boost was formed in Australia sixteen years ago.Boost Mobile logo displaied Ian explained that Boost now markets a unique product although Telstra owns the customer information, the data and the backend care and service. From zero customers in 2013 Boost now has in excess of 300,000 customers.» Follow the full reports

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2016 Home Pages

Microsoft presentation at our November meeting

Paul O’Malley on stage Matt Ranocchiari answers questions The presenters were Paul O’Malley and Matt Ranocchiari from the Microsoft store. Paul is a Service Advisor, he attempts to fix things that don’t work. Matt is the guy you go to, to buy new things. » Read the whole story...Microsoft Logo

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Great presentations & prizes at our October meeting

Jabra sports headsets Jabra Logo
Jabra was first on stage with Matt Segafredo, Senior Director of Sales, ANZ Mobile to tell us about the company and its range of audio gear. The group has a long involvement in the hearing aid business, first acquiring ReSound an American hearing aid company and in 2000 it acquired Jabra headsets.

ASUS Logo Lorin and Alex from ASUS Lorin McDowell, the Head of Marketing ASUS Australia and New Zealand and Tech Specialist Alex Ciobanu were on stage along with a range of products for an entertaining talk. » See the full report

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Plenty to see at our September Main meeting

Alex and Jebra headsetApple LogoTonight we had hoped to hear from Jabra but unfortunately they were unable to make it tonight. However, during our Q & A session Alex did give us a brief demo of the new Jabra wireless head set.
After the break he introduced us to the wealth of information available on the Apple YouTube Channel including the new Apple OS X
» Read full story...

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At our August meeting we had a double header

Huawei Logo Vaya Logo Huawei the third largest Mobile manufacturer, and
Vaya, Australia’s mobile phone price fighter. » Browse the whole article.

☆   ☆   ☆   ☆   ☆

At our July main meeting

Shaniel Datt Trend Micro Emblem

Trend Micro, paid us a visit to discuss their protection software.Shaniel Datt,Trend Micro’s Product and Training Manager
gave us the details of Trend Micro.
» Read the entire article

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Lots of variety at our June Main Meeting

Alex took the stage with an eclectic bag of topics to discuss, Norton Wi-Fi Privacy symbolincluding Norton Wi-Fi Privacy, the Roam-e drone, Cheap Mobile phone deals, OS 10, Macrium Reflect and Never 10.

Alex had just come from the Norton launch and started the evening with a video on what Norton Wi-Fi Privacy was all about. » See the whole story

☆   ☆   ☆   ☆   ☆

GoCatch and Vividwireless were at our May Main Meeting

gocatch logo vividwireless logo

Ned Moorefield, co-founder and CEO of GoCatch, an Australian ride share company to rival Uber and Claude Brown from Vividwireless a very unique ISP. Browse the whole article.

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Intel came to the April Main Meeting

Presenter Graham Tucker
Intel Logo Graham Tucker, Technical Manager, Intel Australia and New Zealand was on stage to discuss Intel’s chip technology and its future directions.

Follow the full story....

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Samsung, VR, iPad Pro and ULED TVs at the March Main Meeting

Tonight Alex was back and gave us a great rundown on some of the newest innovations in electronics.

Alex presente new phone The S7 smart-phoneVR Goggles


See the full article....

☆   ☆   ☆   ☆   ☆

Microsoft showcases Windows 10 at February Main Meeting

Presenter Jaron Cohen
The Microsoft logo Jaron Cohen,Microsofts Commercial Windows 10 Expert was on stage and started the conversation by describing the concepts behind Windows 10, what Microsoft is trying to achieve and how Windows 10 is situated in the market.
» Browse the full story....

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2015 Home Pages

Norton Security Premium presented at our November Main Meeting

Presenter Mark Shaw Norton security software
Mark Shaw, Security Expert at Symantec gave us an overview of the evolving worldwide security threat landscape.
Mark then highlighted the key features and benefits plus the 100% promise of their latest security solution – Norton Security Premium.  » Follow the whole article...

Following Symantic's presentation, members were invited to begin the festive season by socialising and enjoying some drinks & nibblies with good friends. This was our final Main Meeting for 2015.

☆   ☆   ☆   ☆   ☆

Four New Mobile Devices shown at October 2015 Main Meeting

Apple iPhone 6sPlus New Apple WatchAlex began with an in-depth demonstration of the new iPhone 6s Plus including the amazing 3D touch screen that uses capacitive sensors to measure the pressure of the touch giving a better way to interact with the phone.
Following that demo, Alex showed his newest Apple Watch that he had set up to control many of the functions of his iPhone 6s Plus.

Displaying the Samsung Gear S2 watch Microsoft Surface BookNext the Samsung Gear S2 Watch with its more classic round face was put through its paces with Alex highlighting the main features of Samsung's new range of smart watches.
Finally the new Microsoft Surface Book was displayed showing how versatile, light-weight and powerful these products have become.
  » read the full report...

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Our September Main Meeting delivered two more top presentations

Presto company logoRichard Cole, Senior Product Manager - IP Services Presto/Foxtel was on hand to explain streaming TV from Presto a leading Australian service provider. Presto offer movies and TV shows on demand at a low cost monthly subscription basis, both in SD and as of last month Presto now offers over 2500 hours of full HD content.

Companie's trade-markPresenter Ged MansourOur second special guest presenters were from leading pre-paid Australian telco, Amaysim. Ged Mansour, Head of Corporate Affairs & Communications and Natasha McNamara, Communications Executive explained Amaysim's various offerings, the state of the industry and answered many technical questions from our members.   » See the full story...

Both Acronis and Morphie addressed our August Main Meeting

Tonight's presenter Lincoln Goldsmith
Lincoln Goldsmith, General Manager Acronis, Australia and New Acronis True Image 2016Zealand was on hand to demonstrate Acronis True Image 2016 and True Image Cloud which were launched only last week.

Ross McInnes from Morphie

Morphie company's trademarkRoss McInnes then followed with a presentation of Mophie’s unique range of batteries and cases for mobile devices. Mophie is number one in the field of protective battery cases in the US.   » Follow the full story...

Chris RobertsNew Parrot Drones Launched at our July Main Meeting

New Parrot drone flyingChris Roberts, VP and MD of Parrot in the JPAC region displayed and demonstrated their newest drones prior to their Australian release in September 2015.
The Parrot range included drones for sea, land and air, as well as jumping drones, all of which are expected to be keenly sought after for Christmas and beyond.   » See the whole article...

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Monthly MAIN Meetings:

2019 MAIN Meetings

October 2019: Nokia from HMD

September 2019: Lazer

August 2019: Happy Tel and Acer

July 2019: Synology Network Access Systems (NAS)

June 2019: Whistleout

May 2019: Optus Their new 5G network

April 2019: Huawei The P30 and the Matebook X

March 2019: Shopback and Microsoft Shop on Powerpoint 3D

February 2019: AGM and Folding phones

January 2019 : EFTPOS

2018 MAIN Meetings

November 2018 : Google

October 2018 : Telstra Locator service

September 2018 : OPPO and The Vodafone Foundation

August 2018: Norton

July 2018: Microsoft

June 2018: Trend Micro

May 2018: NBN Co

April 2018: AMD, Seagate, Brother and Blue Microphones with Renato Catalan

March 2018: Matt Jones from OVO

February 2018: Our AGM and we had a look at the new speakers from Google and Apple

January 2018: Our first meeting of the year saw Jazoodle Accounting software and Fuji Xerox

2017 MAIN Meetings

November 2017: Symantec

October 2017: The Microsoft Store returned to look at Edge and Virtual Realily

September 2017: The Microsoft Store paid a welcome return

August 2017: We had two guests. Armourcard and Malwarebytes.

July 2017: Mr Michael Tyler, the NBNco Community Affairs Manager give us the latest on the roll out.

June 2017: Mr Richard Chan, Product Manager - Brand Memory at Samsung Australia, paid us a visit to take us into a deep dive of their SSD (solid state drive) range

May 2017: Our presenter from Armourcard had to cancel at the last-minute due to illness so Alex stepped in with a great discussion on various topics.

April 2017 : As our main meeting fell on ANZAC Day there was no meeting this month

March 2017 AGM Finalised and Alex showed us some great software apps for Windows and Apple

March 2017: SGM & New Software reports

February 2017: Norton Security

January 2017: Trend Micro and Boost Mobile

2016 MAIN Meetings

November 2016: Microsoft

October 2016: Jabra and ASUS

September 2016: Presto and Amaysim

August 2016: Huawei and Vaya

July 2016: Trend Micro

June 2016: Symantic WiFi Privacy, 4G Phone Plans, Macrium Reflect and other goodes

May 2016: GoCatch and Vividwireless

April 2016: Intel

March 2016: Samsung, VR, iPad Pro and ULED TVs

February 2016: Our AGM and Microsoft presenting Windows 10

2015 MAIN Meetings

November 2015: Symantec

October 2015: iPhone 6s Plus, Apple Watch, Samsung Gear S2 Watch and the new Microsoft Surface Book

September 2015: Presto and Amaysimm

August 2015: Acronis Backup Software and Morphis maker of range of batteries and portable storage

July 2015: AppCompear, an App to compare or find applications, and Parrot with their new range Drones

June 2015: As promised last month, Lenovo paid a personal visit to show us their great range of products.

May 2015: Tonight Alex was at the Lenovo Tech World Conference in Beijing

April 2015: MacBook, The Samsung 7 Hard Drive, New Moblie phone deals and Windows 10

March 2015: Parallels

February 2015: The 2014 AGM

January 2015: Boost Moblie phone

2014 MAIN Meetings

November 2014 AVG

October 2014 iMac, Ollie, and other goodes

September 2014 Google and Our 30th Anniversary

August 2014 Power PDF

July 2014 Dragon Dictate 13

June 2014 Livescribe

May 2014 Telstra Bundles and Wi Fi Nation

April 2014 Microsoft present Windows 8.1

March 2014 Toshiba

February 2014 Kensington

January 2014 WIndows 8.1

2013 Main Meetings

November 2013 -Dell - XPS, Venue, Alienware  and Pocket Cloud

October 2013 - Windows 8.1 and Leap Motion Controler

September 2013 - Solid State Drives & the iPhone 5s

August 2013 - Norton

July 2013 - Huawei

June 2013 - Vodafone 4G

May 2013 -Pandora Internet Radio

April 2013 - Tom Tom

March 2013 - Nuance

Febuary 2013 -

January 2013 - Samsung and CES


November 2012 - Nuance, Anti Virus, The iPad Mini and much more

October 2012 - iWorld: Assessories and toys for smart phones

September 2012 - iPhone & Windows 8

August 2012 - Trend Micro.

July 2012 - Nuance - Dragon Dictate

June 2012 - Mr Mobile

May 2012 - Telstra 4G Network

April 2012 - Windows 8

March 2012 - HTC

February 2012 - ASUS

January 2012 - 3D Printing


November 2011 - My Net Phone

October 2011 - Western Digital

September 2011 - Built Conference for Windows 8

August 2011 - Windows Live Messenger

July 2011- Amaysim

June 2011 - Windows Live Hotmail

May 2011 - Bing - Microsoft's search engine

April 2011 - Short Meeting for Anzac Day

March 2011 - Intel

February 2011 - A.R. Drone

January 2011 - Mac Air and iPad


November 2010 - HTC
October 2010 - AVG and Choice Magazine
September 2010 - Acronis
August 2010 - Toshiba
July 2010 - Samsung
June 2010 - Simms Group - Power Mat
May 2010 - Log Me In
April 2010 - My Net Phone
March 2010 - Software and Gadgets
February 2010 - Acronis


November 2009 - Norton Security Software
October 2009 - Windows 7
September 2009 - Ubuntu

August 2009 and before


Communication Highlights:

Google's Chrome Browser Ver.34 Reviewed

Google Chrome is today’s most popular browser in the world, managing in early 2014 to capture little over 42% of world’s non-mobile browser usage, easily beating all of its competitors in the likes of Internet Explorer (18%), Mozila Firefox (15%), Safari (6%) and Opera (2%).

This complete domination was achieved not only by smart utilization of the WebKit rendering engine that enabled Chrome to be imbued with incredible speed, stability and ability to be run on old computers that had slow hardware, but also streamlining of user interface and introduction of advanced features that enabled all users to easily take advantage of numerous Google cloud services (cloud hosted bookmarks, profile info, full integration into Google infrastructure, including Gmail, YouTube and more). But, even though all these features were present, Chrome was very distinct in constantly trying to maintain its simplistic interface and feature set.

So what can you expect if you decide to start using Chrome browser today? You can expect incredible speed that was built on one of the world’s fastest JavaScript processing speed, fully-supported ability to customize your browser via 3rd party extension marketplace, instant syncing of your browsing sessions between desktop and mobile, and free access to up to 15 GB of online storage with Google Drive (sizes may change depending on current promotions).

Google's Chrome Browser Ver.5 Reviewed

Following on from the success of their Search Engine and Gmail application, Google released their Chrome version.1 browser less than two years ago. Developing quickly, version.5 was only released in May. Like their search engine, Chrome is uncluttered, leaving a large viewing window, but still packs more features and greater speed than other popular browsers.

The first surprise is Chrome's minimal interface, featuring a thin toolbar but no menu or status bars. And where the website address box also serves as Google's powerful search engine entry box. At the top left of the toolbar are webpage tabs, any number of which can be set to load at startup. Tabs that are used often can be "pinned" and miniaturised to save space as shown. You can easily rearrange the tabs by dragging, even bringing them down onto the page if you wish. Clicking the "+" button (not shown) or short-cut Ctrl+N opens a new window displaying "thumb-nails" of the eight most recently visited sites plus browsing history going as far back as you want. A back, forward, reload, home and bookmark button complete the basic controls.

On the other end of the toolbar, are two icons with drop-down menus. One is the "current page control" enabling common tasks like Cut, Paste, Print and the nifty Find box extension - short-cut Ctrl+F - as shown. Other tasks including "Create application short-cuts", zooming and Developer needs are also listed here. The spanner icon on the right allows you to "Customise and control Google Chrome" using a wide variety of choices. This is where you can open an "incognito window" plus hide or show a bookmarks bar - short-cut "toggle" Ctrl+B - as seen here. You can also check browsing history, manage bookmarks, downloads and more. Clicking the "Options" feature presents another range of choices including setting default "home" and other "startup" pages, adding passwords, etc.

There are also plenty of add-ons available to further customize Chrome if you wish, such as selecting from a multitude of to suit your personality. I have installed one - a Gmail Checker that is currently indicating I have one new message. Clicking on this button now takes me directly to my Gmail account for a quick response.

As an added bonus, Chrome version.5 is already compatible with the latest proposed W3C web standards and was the first browser to pass the demanding Acid3 test with a score of 100! Don't be left behind - download, install and try Chrome now - you'll be glad you did! jl

What is a portable app?

Portableapps A portable app is a computer program that you can carry around with you on a portable device and use on any Windows computer. When your USB flash drive, portable hard drive, iPod or other portable device is plugged in, you have access to your software and personal data just as you would on your own PC. And when you unplug the device, none of your personal data is left behind.

  • No Special Hardware - Use any USB flash drive, portable hard drive, iPod/MP3 player, etc.
  • No Additional Software - Just download, run the portable installer and go.
  • No Kidding - It's that easy. Click image to LEARN MORE...

Digital Photography

Infinity backgrounds

Photograph small items like a Professional

Sample MouseSometimes you may want to photograph small objects without showing distracting backgrounds, glaring highlights or harsh shadows. Now with the aid of "instant" backgrounds made quickly from common home office items, you can easily produce high quality pictures without the expense of special studio equipment.

For demonstration purposes, this wireless mouse was photographed on an instant background using natural lighting from a single window. An even better image could have been produced had the camera been set on a tripod and adjusted using a variety of advanced capture settings.

The instant infinity background was constructed using six sheets (for stability) of standard white copy paper and four paper-clips. Instant background detailsAll sheets are clipped together with two clips attached about one third up from the bottom. Another two clips are attached near the top of the sheets. By carefully sliding the top clips together with the rear three sheets down towards the bottom, a self supporting curvature is formed as illustrated.

Simply by positioning this or a coloured background with consideration to the light source and camera aspect, an infinite variety of subtle highlights or shadows can be achieved.

An even simpler 3D background can be made using just 1 sheet of paper, and 1 paper-clip.Simple 3d background In portrait view, from a spot (about 20 minutes past the hour) tear to the centre of the sheet. Next, overlap the torn edges anything up to 90 degrees and use a paper-clip to hold. The over-lapped section now forms the base of your instant self supporting corner background. This provides even greater scope for extending your mastery of small item photography.

While lighting is beyond the scope of this article, I must mention having successfully photographed many small items outdoors by shooting within fully shaded areas while using these simple backgrounds. As always, the naturally diffused light from early morning and late afternoon sun normally produce the best results.
John Lucke



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